Tuesday, December 15, 2015


hello there

i would imagine that by now most of you who celebrate all things Christmas, look you see, will have put your decorations up. for those that have not this post may well be of relevance if not benefit, for some save, print, cut out and hang decorations will be coming your way down below.

but first, this. 

yes indeed, as you can see in all the glory of Commodore 64 mode, the Star Wars marketing machine presses onwards via the curious conduit of Tesco shopping bags. now they have shoved the presumed new bad guy on one of them, Kylo Ren or Rylo Ken or something like that.

best this new film be good, really. Disney have gone overboard ramming the marketing down our throats. this, i know, is saying something, considering how heavy handed the original six films marketing and tie-ins seemed from time to time.

this Kylo is presumed to be the bad guy. there are some curious theories about him, such as he is in fact Boba Fett in a new outfit, or he turns out to be the nancy farm boy from the first three films what faked being an orphan in order to score benefits. i've no idea on them, but i do like the rumour that Max Von Sydow is in as the "force ghost of Obi Wan" or something.

to be honest, i am more excited about that She-Hulk off of Game Of Throne being a female stormtrooper. i likes a lady in uniform, i do to be sure. 

oh yeah, Christmas decorations. the most recent edition of WWE Kids had, as well as a smart beanie, some cut out and hang Christmas decorations free with it. i thought i would scan it in and share it here, then, for all you wild, crazy-ass WWE fans who do not have access or reason to the magazine.

what i like about this is that it has all of my favourites off of WWE, or if you like WWF, on it and done up in a way that reflects how the true meaning of Christmas is relevant to wrestling.

who are these people? from the top and from the left, as one is supposed to read, you've got the rejected Dungaree Man off of the Village People, her off of that Xena Warrior Princess show (probably), the oversized Diddyman off of Ken Dodd, the rejected Rubber Man off of the Village People and Sheamus.

should you print out and use this, please go and give some money to a wrestler, that way the WWF or whoever won't be all upset about me sharing it here.

the back of the Kylo Ren shopping bag? it's pretty much a copy and paste on repeat of a stormtrooper sort of thing, but if it is of interest to you, here you go.

well, one of the stormtroopers has some sort of red badge on his shoulder. he must be the leader or something, i expect.

am i going to the cinema to see Episode VII : Mission To Moscow? no. a bit tricky to arrange a babysitter, it's very expensive, here in England you get 45 minutes or so of adverts and the screenings will invariably be filled with people dressed as Cylons, Vulcans and what have you, making masturbatory howls and whoops every time one of them off of the original films comes, as it were, on screen. and they are very welcome to do this, but let me not intrude on their pleasure.

for all of you heading off to the movies to see it this week, may it be as good as you, and indeed i, hope it is and enjoy yourselves!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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