Sunday, December 27, 2015


hey there

just bringing a touch of balance, look you see, or perhaps equality if such a term is one that causes you delight to see being used.

earlier on not so much this year as this month i took William on a grand tour of the centre of our fine, fine metroploistic like area. whilst there he witnessed the single greatest engineering construction of all time, or at least that which is described as such by his Grandad. it was only fair, then, that i took James along to see it too. it would have been something amiss for me not to, no?

all that i could think to say of the magnificence of the Transporter was probably covered in the post i have linked to in the text earlier. yes, rest of world, yes - you may look upon it here in awe if you want. do not, however, be jealous - we are a friendly bunch, you can visit and see any time you like.

what did James make of it? general awe, really, i suppose, with an increased sense of enthusiasm and interest when i mentioned to him his Grandad's love of the structure. a love shared, surely, by all who have seen it.

anyway, i shall take my leave of you here for now, and return when i have other pictures or thoughts of interest to trouble you with.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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