Tuesday, April 25, 2017

a quick dip


in what might well be a pleasant return to things here for many of you, some news off of Spiros. as i need not telling, look you see, Spiros leads a life far more exotic, interesting and exciting than mine. the consequence or if you like result of this is that you all far prefer hearing of his adventures than of my own.

something of an unusual update from the world of Spiros, this, as it doesn't feature him flexing his skill and prowess as the greatest legal mind of his generation in another part of the world. he has instead decided to groove around London (innit) for a bit, seeing what he can see there.

one of the most interesting sights he saw was down at the canals of Tower Hamlets. this rather picturesque area of London has one which has long since fascinated Spiros; something which suggests that one can find a lot of sailors there.

alas no pictures of sailors as such, but some items which have been discarded into a particular canal down at Tower Hamlets. whilst there are many, many interesting items for you to consider, i believe in regards of this particular post the flotation device shall be of specific interest.

this is not just any random aspect of a canal in Tower Hamlets. no, dear reader. Spiros advises me that what you see in this image is the first part of the canal where you could climb out of the canal and return to land if you had happened to have entered the canal in the Canary Wharf area.

for what reason would one have entered the currents and streams of the waters of Canary Wharf? it happens more than you think, and seldom by choice. the private security charged with being custodians of safety in that most prestigious area of London have been known to place people clearly of no business in the Wharf into the waters. this is a most wonderful thing, and the fact that they get a bit wet is more than compensated for by the fact that they get to a suitable area all the quicker. making a flotation device available for these quasi-sailors is, i think, a  lovely touch.

no, the above advert for Lloyds bank is not near the canal. to my knowledge this is taken in a tube or if you like underground station. this is of course a very different advert for Lloyds that was there before, with you being able to see the other one by clicking here.

Spiros is quite distressed by this change for a couple of reasons. the first and most obvious is that the other advert allowed him to meet other men for short term but mutually beneficial relationships with relative ease. the second reason is that Lloyds appear to have "borrowed" a slogan used by a South African bank, i believe Absa, during the 1990s. perhaps they thought no one would notice. or maybe some clever advertising agency charged Lloyds about £100,000 or so to make the loan.

anyway, i am sure you'd rather explore some more canal action with Spiros. alas, i don't have much else to tell you about that. if it helps, though, here is a bit of a sort of map thing for you to see how an intrepid sailor would go from Canary Wharf to Tower Hamlets via the canal system.

indeed yes, that there in blue is a stretch of the Thames which probably features on the credits of that popular soap opera thing, Eastend Street or whatever it's called. Hollyoaks, maybe. the one which didn't have a window cleaner called Sinbad in it.

should you wish to take this mostly aquatic journey yourself, don't worry so much about planning it, or working out the logistics. simply get along to Canary Wharf and misbehave. you will soon be introduced to this if not unique then quite peculiar form of travelling around London. one of the best aspects of it, of course, is that it is free.

thanks as usual to Spiros for sharing the insights from his travels. and thank you very much indeed for dropping by to read.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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