Friday, June 24, 2016

about my nuts


This is very much one of them “filler” posts done mostly so that I can feel like I am contributing to the world, look you see. I would imagine that this is of limited interest even by the limited interest standards of this blog, but there you go – you’re reading it now so stick with it.

My week, thus far, has been all about wheels. As the English way of doing things means that you have to legally have your car certified as being fit and safe to drive on the road each year. This is slightly different to the “just give it a bribe” way I am used to in Jozi, and if I am honest it’s preferable, to be sure, the way they do it here. Just more expensive.

Yeah, all certified and tested and passed and that, so lil’ bstard can drive freely for another year or so. More on that if I ever think of something of interest to write, but mostly this post is all about other wheels.

As you may recall, and many of you have read, the boys were recently sorted out with some new wheels in the forms of bikes, or if you like bicycles. Whereas James is off cruising the streets, William is not quite so competent a rider. To that end, I needed to put some ill-fitting but nonetheless fit for purpose stabilizers on his bike. And to that extent I needed some nuts to put on the bike to keep the stabilizers in place.

Oh yes, indeed – Poundland came to the rescue here with a bag of mixed nuts and washers, all for their nominal fee of ₤1. Granted, the bag contained totes more washers than nuts, but all the same I was able to secure a mixed bag that clearly had the kind of nuts I wanted in it.

What impressed me most about this bag of nuts (and washers) is that Poundland had secured, as you can see, the services of Paul Hollywood to endorse them. As far as I am aware, Paul Hollywood is one of them celebrity baker things, so it was interesting to see him endorse some handyman stuff. Oh, sure, it says it is someone else on the packet – Tony something I think – but I am totes sure that’s a picture of him on the bag, only without the trademark beard and haircut.

Have the nuts been a success? To a degree, yes. I keep knacking the thread on one of the bolts for the stabilizer, which I might have to sort out with some washers as I am assuming that this is the reason they exist. The other side of the bike, though, is pure rock and roll, dear reader.

Will I be doing the second wheel any time soon? Probably, I suspect. Eventually, maybe It’s quite stylish, as it happens, having one on (sort of) perfectly and one just sort of flapping about, interfering with peddling motions and likely to cause a major accident. Or, you know, he could just step up and learn to ride the bike.

Anyway, more stuff of (possible, no promises) actual interest sooner or later.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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