Monday, February 09, 2015

red wood and closed road

hi there

yeah, i know what you are thinking, and the same thought has indeed occurred to me, dear reader. that rich run of film watching from the start of the year has seemingly ceased, has it not? sorry for that. i was hoping it would continue, and that i could bring you reviews of films you saw years ago, but i've just got busy. there's been some smart things on TV, look you see. with some luck i shall get to have a gander at another film sometime soon. i have a pile of discs right here next to me.

in the mean time, some observations for you from my day today. a day that was, pleasantly, remarkably brighter and sunnier than ones we have had of late. in the words of George Harrison, here comes the sun, as Spring makes her merry way to our lives.

an implication of this is that it is mildly brighter on a morning when i make my way to verk. at 7am the sun is not quite there for all to see, but it's getting close to being in full effect. which meant that i could see the field across from the bus stop with greater clarity than i have been able to for some months.

yeah, allowing for the lack of quality in the picture there, can you see what i see? no, not the frosty ice, or if you like icy frost, but what stands behind it. yes, some red trees. or trees that are red. or, as i like to call them, red wood.

i am not sure what the right word is for a collective of trees is, but i quite like herd. as this herd of trees would appear to be fenced in, i think that makes me all the more correct in saying that this is the right term for them. some clever person will no doubt come along and say that "trees" is the right word for a collective of trees, but they probably don't have as many degrees as me.

anyway, i found it rather poignant, moving maybe, or just totally cool that these trees had been growing right in front of me without my observation, shrouded in darkness by the ways of our position on the planet and the times at which i travel. this in many respect answers just as many questions about if a tree makes a sound when it falls over and no one sees it as, indeed, it doesn't.

a slightly less poignant, moving and totally cool scene that i saw this morning was this.

no, not the Subway, that's always smart to see, that is. i draw your attention to the more obvious element of the picture; the thing of prominence if you like. yes, the road closed sign.

this is all somewhat first world problem, so do bear with me. or leave. i was filled with a degree of dread when i saw this, for the signs and the cones led all the way along the road on which i would normally get the bus home. a closed road would be somewhat bad, as i would have no idea where the diversion route is and probably would not have been able to get to it in good time anyhow.

yeah, that's a closer look at the actual closed off section for you, should you be interested. indeed yes, those cones do look like the ones that the tramp friend of Spiros took quite a shine to in the post i did over the weekend. which one? this one, which a fair few of you have read already. thanks.

so what happened? was the road barricaded off for some sort of works and i was left without means to get to my comfort zone of a bus stop that i knew the location of?

in the interest of causing unnecessary drama and tension, a pause for suspense, then, as i bring you the same kind of picture that i try to every single year.

yes. i do indeed get all excited when i catch a carton, or if you like bottle (container, perhaps) of milk with certain dates of significance on them. well, why not?

i keep forgetting that this particular date looms ahead of us, and is not too far off of here at all. assuming you are reading this before that date comes along. if you are reading it after, i suppose it seems like it was just a little while ago, or ages away into some future we have not reached yet. i would like to think that it works either way.

so anyway, yeah, as it turns out, it is just the one side of the road that is presently blocked off to traffic and that, so my usual bus was able to come along - late - to my usual stop. all together now, and phew.

your eyes do not let you down there at all; it is indeed a bit of a case of me being able to remain in light as i commence my journey home. soon, then, it will be more daylight than darkness here. this is good.

is there a chance, prospect even, of them closing the other side of the road off to do some sort of works? there is that possibility i suppose, and it would deeply affect the business end of my travels. i shall shoulder on and deal with it as it happens. and, no doubt, make my plight your problem here as and when it does.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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