Tuesday, February 10, 2015

on the Guatemalan handbag disco revolution

hi there

well, yes, i am as surprised as you are to find this post here, dear reader. i wasn't expecting to be writing anything of much this evening, but then again i was not expecting a chum of mine to just disappear and turn up in Guatemala or something like that. i mean, sure, i did think it a bit odd that i had not heard from them for a couple of days, and i sort of remember them saying something about a trip, but still it was quite a shock, believe you me, when pictures started landing.

what is my friend - and note i didn't explicitly state it was Spiros, look you see - doing in Guatemala, or wherever? a mix of things, as far as i can tell from the correspondence. "not being in Texas" ranks rather high on the list. looking at dull, anonymous and overpriced watches too, by all accounts.

mostly, however, Sp..my friend seems to be at the heart and indeed the very soul of the phenomenon of handbag disco hitting Guatemala, or wherever it is they are at the moment. somewhere near Guatemala, most probably.

just what would this handbag disco thing be? pretty much what it says on the box, i suppose. i mean, i don't really know. i have heard the phrase somewhere and thought i would use it here, on account of this picture which seems to me to be of Guatemala's leading handbag disco DJ.

what in my imagination happens at one of them handbag disco things? disco stuff, i would expect, with handbags added to the mix. the DJ, right, would play some bangin' tunes, and all the ladies would sort of put their handbags down on the floor and dance around them for a bit. which is probably what they do at a normal, non-handbag sort of disco thing, maybe, only in this instance it actually has the name "handbag disco".

normally, though, i would think the music at a handbag disco is most smart. not so, apparently, in the world of the Guatemalan handbag disco. Spir...my friend who is there says that the DJ did not really have a cosmopolitan or ecclesiastical mix of records for the kids to get down and get with it to, just the one record of 60s psychedelic classics performed as piano solos. still, early days.

moving slightly, if not somewhat, away from the magic of the Guatemalan handbag disco phenomenon, and i am delighted to show you a dear old friend in a new sort of storage thing.

i do sometimes wonder if someone things that posts like this are a very specific kind of code - sort of like a chaos theory / butterfly effect thing, only not so much. well, have fun working it out if that is what you think.

one of the cadets out of verk, young Kaine no less, obtained this mighty fine train card ticket pass holder sort of thing for me, a mere three months after i asked him to do so. i immediately forwarded to my friend (not Spiros), who in turn immediately, more or less, put my rather splendid Gautrain card into it. well, this friend was a rather vocal fan of my many train adventures during the year that was 2013, and it seemed only fitting, then, that i give them the card that i used on those travels.

i could keep writing here and give you some more details - precise specifics, even - but i dare say that you are all too busy having a gander at that Guatemalan DJ dude, so it would probably be a little bit of a waste of my time to do so.

i think he is in Guatemala, at the least. i am just really rather hoping he is somewhere that sells the Marlboro and that he remembers to get some.

anyway, then, that will do for this rather unexpected update. hope all is well with you wherever you are in the world, and that if you happen to be at a Guatemalan handbag disco that it is a really ace Guatemalan handbag disco.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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