Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doogie Howser instant coffee

hi there

a rare instance of pics mostly from verk for you all today, dear reader. as a fair few from verk have apparently taken an interest in this - welcome, and if that intro does not make much sense, feel free to browse the antics and shenanigans posted here from my previous verk. as for why verk is called verk, it's a little thing i have after watching Total Recall (proper version from 1990) when Arnie speaks of "Harry from verk".

it was time for a little bit of experimentation today with regards to all things that are coffee related. for some reason that Doogie Howser, who was a doctor or something, off TV now does instant coffee and that. i have purchased a few jars of it and it's not bad.

i was somewhat excited, then, to find that one could obtain 3 "takeaway" style cups with Doogie Howser coffee in them for £1 off of the Pound Shop. i am pretty sure you can guess what happened next, look you see, but for the sake of conformity here yes i did, with little hesitation and with no need at all for any sort of dramatic pause, buy some of them.

i do indeed have quite an affinity for the Pound Shop, as you regulars here know. it's boss, it is - you can buy things there with a fairly certain sense of confidence that they are going to cost £1 each. although sometimes some of the items are 2 for £1 and i only pick up one of them, and then i get knacked off of the lady at the till as it doesn't ring up properly.

3 cups of coffee for £1 is smart by any standard, and also a perfect number that allows me, Louise - who i don't know if wants to be named here - and young Kaine the cadet to have a try of one and see what it was all like. Kaine, as i think you will find this next picture reveals in an apt sense, was particularly excited by it all.

well, he said he was pretty excited about it all, and i have no reason at all to doubt his honesty and integrity in this - his veritas, if you like. he did, after all, go to some considerable lengths to obtain that most class train card ticket pass holder thing for me.

so how did the coffee work out? was it worth Doogie Hower giving up being a vet (or whatever) to embark on a career of making coffee to sell out of Pound Shops? the quick review if you are in a rush is yes, but the rest of you can find that answer out later.

Spiros is getting ever more flamboyant in the images he sends. whereas once he was reluctant to actually feature in the images, now he seems to insist on it. a really good metaphor here would be that, in terms of images, whereas once he was right in the back of a cupboard, now he is proudly and firmly well out of that particular closet. nice one mate, we are proud of you.

here is the latest such image for you to admire.

yes. part of me did want to ask him just what exactly he was doing with that statue, and where he is exactly to be doing that. mostly, though, i am intrigued by what it is that fella in the background is so keen to bend over and pick up. 

also i think it is obvious what he was doing to the statue. the same thing he has been doing to statues around the world for over 20 years now.

Spiros has this class trick, you see, which he normally performs in senior executive washrooms in corporate headquarters around the world. the trick sees him gluing a high value denomination coin to the floor of such a washroom, and then wait for a lucky gent to come along and try to pick it up. whereas i am aware of what happens next, i would very much prefer not to share the details here, thanks.

verk at night from a few months ago? sure, why not. see if you can spot me. or not.

my friend in Guatemala - and i don't care how Guatemalan (or wherever) you think that statue is, i did not say it was Spiros - sent me an image from the daily Guatemalan newspaper today. quite nice of them.

i don't know about you, but i really love the term de dinero electronico, man. it sounds like an absolutely awesome name for something, that does. yeah, i know, it probably is actually the name of something; i meant that it would be an awesome name for something else.

it seems that the name Doogie Howser is printed as Douwe Egberts on the cups. maybe that's why it is so cheap - it being a misprint and all. or maybe it's actually called 'Douwe Egberts' and i can't ever remember that it is and have even less of an idea of how you would pronounce that. Doogie Howser has me on very simple and easy ground when it comes to pronunciation.

would i care to elaborate on the "yes" element to the question of if this coffee - of a name yet to be determined - is any good? sure.

whereas it is not quite as smooth or as refined it taste as the glass jars you pay north of £5 or £6 for, it is not really in any way coarse or crass. each cup costs, in effective terms, 33p, and it at the least tastes of a higher value than that. i don't know if Kaine added any milk or sugar to it for effect, but it was not one of the worst cups of coffee i ever had in my life. worst ever was probably at the Wimpy at Cape Town airport, say 1995 or 1996. awful it was, but they changed the supplier after that. on the basis that i do not recall ever having a cup of Hugh Laurie coffee, this is certainly one of the better cups of coffee i have ever had that in some way related or pertained to a made up TV doctor. or does Maxwell House count and i should thus be including that in my thinking here?

right, that will do. we are midway through the week - hope it's been great and gets greater yet.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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