Tuesday, February 03, 2015

bored now

hello again

yes. as promised, and indeed as forecast, we had more snow today. actually the bulk of it fell overnight, but there was a gesture of it further today. as promised, or if you like warned, there is of course another update here for you of all things snow. well, not all things, look you see, but some snow stuff.

here be the car. yes, i think you can make out the windscreen wipers there to see where the bonnet bit ends and the windscreen theoretically commences. fat lot of good windscreen wipers are against snow, let me tell you.

despite what you have read here, and what you may well have experienced yourself, depending where you are in the world, today was the first day this season that snow fell. yes, it must be true, because that is how Sky News reported it, and that nice man who owns Sky News is committed to integrity and would not allow a falsehood to be reported.

they got snow in London today, you see. Sky has that sort of "rest of the world tourist" mentality when it comes to England. if it does not happen in London then it has not actually happened, mostly. if there's a big fuss about something non-London - flooding, for example, or maybe some death - they will mention it in passing eventually, when there's a slot spare around what Boris has done with a bike or a bus or something. their pro-London reporting is, i am sure, much treasured and admired in and around London.

whilst i appreciate that all this snow stuff is new and exciting to the people of London, all the rest of us non-London types are getting somewhat bored of it. well, i am. i quite like feeling my feet. if it is vanity, then vanity it is, but i grow tired of feeling like i am moving along by some sort of magical legs type of thing.

a video of me walking along in the snow? if you insist.

no, it isn't a very good video, but then again i suppose it is rare that i would load a good one here for your viewing pleasure.

as it happens, most of the snow has mostly gone now. the snow which fell further today transformed into a sort of rain thing and rather washed it all away in a melting sense instead of remaining as a sort of icy like ice thing. most splendid.

anyway, i have a fair few things to update here, so that's that for snow.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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