Friday, February 13, 2015

stylish Valentine

hello there

well, if you are searching for, or indeed seeking, practical advice for what to get as a cheap, last minute Valentine Gift, you won't find it here. actually, you will - most petrol stations are open late at night, go buy him or her a class tin of engine oil, or that special water they put in windscreen wipers. there is, however, some Valentine stuff coming up, so stick around.

in the mean time, behold my newly extended collection of copies of Rocky III, if you will.

if you are asking did i buy these purely because they have different disc faces, the answer is yes, oh yes, indeed i did. the best part is that the two together cost less than  £1 - 98p, of you want the specifics.

should a question for you be about if these discs are in fact identical apart from the appearance, it seems to be the case that no they are not. i have just popped them in the drive, look you see, and the one with Stallone looking moody measures in at 5.58GB, whereas the one with Rocky and Clubber Lang is only 4.48GB.what's the difference on the discs? i imagine the larger disc has that ridiculous, rather infamous "Sylvester Stallone interviews Sylvester Stallone" thing on as an extra.

do i like Rocky III? oh hell yes. whereas Mad Max 2 effectively defined the action movie for the decade that was the 80s, Rocky III personified it. it's 88 minutes of some of the most audacious action sequences ever filmed, all sellotaped together with a reasonable semblance of a plot and story. plus, it has that amazing, awesome and class homoerotic bit where Rocky and Apollo hug amongst the waves down the beach.

Valentine stuff? Valentine stuff. nothing new here, this is doing the rounds on social media network. yes, after spending £1 on a card at Pound Shop, i do wish i had been past Asda or Tesco first.

i do have some form in more modest priced Valentine's Day cards, of course, but this is a whole new level. i mean, at Card Factory you can sometimes get 10 (ten) birthday cards for £1, which means 10p each. bravo indeed to Asda for undercutting that margin!

perhaps they will be on sale for less than 7p after Feb 14th? i should go there and have a look - they would, after all, be a mere marker pen away from being birthday cards, or anniversary ones.

and that's it, really. sorry.

well, go on then. i know this is not that twitter thing, but on the off chance you wanted to see my lunch, or if you like #lunch, here you go.

oh yes they were indeed as good as they look. cooked in all that lovely, lovely lard, and punished to within an inch of their life with salt and proper vinegar.

until the next update, then

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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