Monday, February 23, 2015

bag and body double

hello there

yes indeed there was much merriment and celebration last week, and no it was not all about the fact that i was in some considerable pain and agony on the dental front. that seems to be clearing up now, thanks for asking, but shall no doubt return quite soon when i go and see the teeth mender dude who will take out two, possibly three, teeth, look you see.

what gifts were bestowed upon me? well, a few really. i am so terribly sorry that i cannot show you the lovely Mars bars i got, for they were eaten with some formidable haste. however, behold this combination.

yes. just, well, yes. two items of immense awesomeness and excellence, i trust you will agree.

the significance of the statement on my smart new bag? well, other than one of them subliminal or acute answers to anything age related, it is a statement that means an awful lot to many, many people. no idea who or what? don't panic, just do one of them google thingies and you will find the answer.

as for the blu-ray of Body Double, well, the film is as exciting now as it was when i first saw it, some 30 years ago with my chum Norman. we "got away" with renting it as it has Frankie Goes To Hollywood in it, and why would they be in a film featuring gratuitous sex and violence?

i think this was a seriously limited edition blu-ray, i have a nagging feeling that "only" 3000 copies were pressed for sale. or maybe i am thinking of the soundtrack. the superb, awesome soundtrack.

i shall probably do a full on, out and out blog post on the magnificence of Body Double soon, so shall not say too much. well, OK - the film has not perhaps aged as well as it could, but many moments of it are as shocking and brilliant as they were when i first saw it.

cards? why yes. here's the smart card that the boys got me. as you can see, the makers of One Direction merchandise - makers who are very, very busy, going on the amount of items you can buy which feature this brillo ace band - had for some reason opted to make One Direction birthday cards only for the sister of any particular purchaser.

as you can see, it was but the work of a moment for the boys to transform a One Direction card intended for a sister into one that they could, with nothing but pride, give to their Dad. nice one boys, i very much appreciated the trouble and effort you went to in order to do this for me.

am i still very much a One Direction, or if you like 1D, fan? oh goodness me yes. they are mint, epic, mega, all that sort of thing. i love all their songs so much i could not possibly name just one of them as a top slice of poptastic music.

anyway, off to pop some pills off of the tooth mender. more at a later stage, unless for some reason i have a go at back-dating blog posts.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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