Sunday, February 08, 2015


hello there

it's rather rare indeed that something out of the Sunday Sport is suitable to put on this blog that i try, look you see, to keep reasonably OK for a suitable for all sort of audience type. as point of fact i do not really thinks this one is all that suitable, but as Spiros will really rather like it i thought i would put it up here.

doesn't Spiros get the Sunday Sport himself? usually yes he does, and has frequently contacted them to tell them how brilliant they are, and indeed as begged for them to feature him. he has made it quite plain, in a frank and stark way, that he would be prepared to be pictured having intimate relations with anything they care to name in order to appear. however, as we saw in my last post, Spiros had a bit of a busy Saturday on the sauce, so here's the article i did not wish for him to miss.

i am assuming, indeed presuming, that if you click on this then it will go a bit bigger and you can see it all nice and clear. if, for some reason, you wish to see it all nice and clear. well, clear. it doesn't get all that much nicer than the headline suggests.

this is of interest to Spiros as once upon a time he was a sauce chef, or Saucier if you want to get all poncy and fancy about it. he was celebrated for several yards around his place of employment for a rather unique asparagus, mushroom and cheese sauce that he, in a very real sense, knocked off for clients he felt were worthy of such a delicacy. no, so far as i know, i never got to taste it, so to speak.

from my side i am just terribly excited about this new "ejacubating" word. i am looking forward to using it in conversation, and will most certainly be trying my best to use it in a game of scrabble.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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