Tuesday, February 03, 2015

peculiar things on my travels today

hello there

yep, third post of the day today, and there's still one more i want to try and do this evening. wow.

on my, by necessity, look you see, abridged or indeed shortened travels today i saw one or two things of some interest.  well, i found them interesting, and as i thought one or two of you might also feel the same way i opted to share them here.

first off, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. a book store of of some repute, and certainly one favoured by a reader or two here, are displaying these magnificent tins in advance of February 14th.

this is a most splendid and novel thing. a wonderful idea, too. but also not. it defeats the point of keeping screws and receipts, really. the idea of keeping loads and loads of screws, fuses and receipts, from a male perspective, is so that you store them at random at various locations around a home or building. the random factor approach to storage allows for you never to find the specific one that for some bizarre reason you actually need at a given point in time.

so in essence, the above gift idea for a gent for the Day of Valentine is a novel, amusing and indeed interesting one, but is likely to lead to disappointment, distress, anger and likely separation. choose wisely if you purchase one for the gent in your life.

meanwhile, i was feeling particularly saucy at lunch, and decided to revel in this saucy feeling by purchasing a cookie to go with my lunch.

i was left somewhat at odds with my concept of what a cookie should be when i took it out of the packet, look you see.

convention, if not tradition, surely dictates that a cookie should be round in shape, or oval or at least be made of a mind to make it somewhat circular, i believe. this one seems to have been crafted to be of a very loaf like slice of bread to my mind.

as for anything else that i saw which was peculiar or interesting, well, i cannot remember and i most certainly did not take any pictures. so that's that.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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