Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Zealand ex-library book stock clearance sale

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One of those grown up, proper posts i do for you from time to time. Bear with me, regular readers, normal service shall resume later.

Book lovers in or around Mount Maunganui are in for a most spectacular treat! Old Grumpy's Gallery has done it again and has a sensational deal on offer for you.

At the moment Old Grumpy's Gallery has a very special, exceptionally super deal on offer with a wide range of outstanding condition, ex-library books.

As you would expect to find with ex-library books in New Zealand, or anywhere, they are in brilliant condition. There's also a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from.

No, it's not some sort of trick photography you are seeing on the go in this picture - that's really the price. These ex-library books are available at the bargain price of $1 for 3

Despite the wide selection available, at that price these books are not going to be around for too long. Mount Maungani and the Bay Of Plenty are areas well known for being home to avid reader. The advice would be to get down and have a browse as soon as you can!

As well as these sensational books on offer, there's also - as always - the usual range of instruments, records, portraits and photography available. And yes, the finest coffee in the area still remains very much on the menu.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. Enjoy your trip to Old Grumpy's Gallery and I trust you will find a book or three to entertain and inform!

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