Tuesday, February 03, 2015

return of the gratitude attitude #3

hello again

wow, i do indeed believe this makes four updates today, dear reader. feel free to spread them about a bit and read them as and when you think you can stand them.

as the title would suggest, if not imply, i have received further correspondence, look you see, in respect of my ambitious plan to reach out to various personal hygiene product manufacturers. today was a particularly splendid one, as it came from Manchester.

yes. when i say Manchester it can only mean one thing. soap.

here, without too much in the way of delay, is the letter i wrote.

Dear Imperial Leather

I am taking a few moments to put my affairs in order. I believe it would have been incorrect, greatly amiss and perhaps unforgivable not to contact you as part of this.

This letter is to express my gratitude and thanks for your magnificent soap products. I have used them for more years that I would care to remember, and have always found the experience to be most agreeable.

It has not only been in England that I have had the benefit of using your product. Throughout my exploits in both Australia and aspects of the continent of Africa I have, either through your exploration of other markets, the advances in imported good or the simple kindness of friends and relatives who had thought to either bring some with them or simply post it to me, been able to use your soap to great satisfaction.

That your offices are based in Manchester does my heart nothing but good. Manchester is in particular a most magnificent city; if fortune smiles on me then perhaps one day I shall be able to visit it at least once more.

My thanks once again for your superb products.

Yours faithfully, etc etc.....

yes, i would confess that there is somewhat of a fatalistic, if not final, tone imbued in the above letter. it was not deliberate, and i have only really detected it in retrospect. i can only imagine that i composed this particular letter when i was in the initial, arguably incubation, stages of manflu what had ebola, scurvy, sarin gas and plague mixed in with it. 

the response i got - First Class from Manchester - was somewhat interesting and not at all what i expected. what was it? well, here, have a look, if you can read it. 

i am not entirely sure what elements of my letter would be suitable for a Marketing Director as such, but i suppose it is not really my place to question what they do. the voucher was a really nice touch, and it seems like they were genuinely happy to hear off of me. unless this is some sort of generic letter they send off any time someone writes to them. 

so, that's three responses. the other two (one of which you have seen the text of my letter to) are ones i am not at all sure will reply, or respond, but you never know. i will give it a week or so i guess, and then assume that they believe all matters raised are now closed.

i wonder what the best address is for Bono.

hope all is well with you, wherever you are in the world. many thanks, as ever and for always, for taking the time to read, or simply to have a gander at the pictures.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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