Tuesday, February 24, 2015

cow revolution

hi there

i was kind of thinking that my next post, or if you like musings, here would be about Barbs, Body Double or books, even. in respect of the latter, i have nearly finished a second novel since the last reviews, look you see, so such a thing is due, and due soon. however, certain events - events that you can presumably guess at from the title of this post - happened, indeed in a very real sense occurred, today that cannot go unreported.

as i strolled to the bus stop this morning, i was struck - startled, perhaps - by the presence of cows. in the road or at the bus stop? well, neither, for they were in their field and that. they were just rather randomly close to the hedge which separates them and their barbaric life from those of us who dwell in the more civilised elements of our planet. here, have a look.

yes, that close. as you can see, too, the clever cows have successfully stripped away much of the hedge, leaving only a sparse suggestion of a fence for them to navigate before they unleash their revolutionary strike on our way of life. well, some barbed wire too, but cows are naturally immune to barbed wire; much as certain flowers are.

am i, you may ask, quite certain that this is all documented evidence of the cows preparing to undermine and destroy our world as we know it? yes, fairly. i mean, yeah, ok, it might be them all just huddling in a corner in the hopes of avoiding the attraction of the rather amorous bull that visits from time to time - that one that has ideas of doing things in a field as 7 in the morning that usually only the likes of James Hunt or maybe Rod Stewart would probably see as normal, although with them two presumably with a lady rather than a cow sort of cow thing.

have i been able to identify the ringleader, or if you like the mastermind, of the revolutionary strike being planned by the cows? why yes i have. here is a brief video which mostly has its focus on the leader that i have identified.

oh yes, i quite agree. that cow there has all the appeal and charm of any sort of South American dictator you care to name - that's how they smoothly sneak their way into affections and ultimately seize power.

would i be prepared to accept that i am being judgemental in declaring that what the cows are up to is revolutionary in intent? perhaps. this could, i suppose, simply be an evolutionary step from them. indeed it is entirely possible that this is also simply the start of a liberation movement; that they will at last be free of the shackles of oppression that have been oppressing them.

after about ten or fifteen minutes - instantly, with all things being relative in the grand scheme of things - the cows noticed that i was on to them and so dispersed. except for the leader, of course - that cow lingered, staring at me, to let me know that they were quite aware of me being on to them, and to state that any efforts i made to prevent it all would be a futile failure.

is it not possible, you ask, that all this is some sort of wild, bizarre over-reaction on my behalf, caused by the fact that my walk to the bus stop is in relative daylight for the first time in some four or five months? perhaps. but still, it might be the case that the cows are up to something - something that may or may not have a degree of impact on the world that we know.

if there are any further developments - developments which both i and the internet somehow survive - i will most assuredly and decidedly bring you the details here. if, dear reader, you opt to keep reading this blog after this post. i hope you do, but i am not going to get all Australian about it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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