Tuesday, February 17, 2015

bed, manifesto and bubbles

hello there

just one of them posts where i bring a few random pictures from the last few days together for you, if you are at all interested, look you see. nothing much in the way of great excitement, but also a few things that are indeed of excitement, depending on how you interpret them.

first off, a long overdue, hard fought and ultimately successful victory over the intelligent ways of my beloved and treasured washing machine.

this washing machine of mine is one of them "intelligent" ones with loads of sensors and computers and that in it. the purpose is to stop you overloading it so the motor does not knack, right, but also to stop itself from using far too much liquid or power so that you make loads of bubbles. in theory, no matter how much detergent (or whatever) you put in, it should control itself so that it does not become a bubble festival.

yes, take that you b@stard, as much as i do love you washing machine. i clocked that if you simply hide them smart laundry liquid balls in a sheet this evil machine from cyberdyne systems is helpless in stopping the bubbles when the water hits.

sadly i did not get it to bubble so much that the machine was spewing them out of the back or all over the floor, but i am home alone for a little bit of a couple of days this week. i will give it a right good go, i will, look you see. if i succeed and i don't get too excited i will try and take pictures.

onwards, then, towards the bubble-free world of HMV. i was quite excited about my usual stroll past the store this week as it was another "day of release" thing. After ten years, a true labour of love for the talented people who made it, No Manifesto was released on DVD and that Blu Ray thing. 

surely, as the spiritual home of vibes and quality music, HMV would be celebrating such a thing in the display window and in the store? erm, no.

somewhat understandably, i suppose, the window was all Game Of Thrones being released on shiny discs. well, the fourth season. this makes sense. it is popular, and it is also apparently the most downloaded TV show in history. which would mean it needs all the advertising and promotion it can get to sell it. still, i was confident that in-store they would have a nice display for No Manifesto, featuring it in their "trending this week" section, or maybe just have it in the new releases.

we will get there, dear reader, but that was yesterday, and this picture is today.

this is a receipt off of Poundland from this morning. amongst other things, i bought a blu ray of a crappy sounding horror film called Fertile Ground, purely as it was a pound and had an 18 certificate on it. yes you did indeed have a sample of this logic yesterday, dear reader.

just you have a look at that their receipt. granted it is a little blurry and unclear, but you can i hope make out the words "Age Confirmed Over 18" just under the DVD part. this would imply that they did indeed verify my age, presumably by means of requesting me to produce official identification which indicated that i was, as point of fact, old enough to purchase this motion picture. no, dear reader, they bloody did not do such a ruddy thing!

i am a bit hurt by this, to be honest, and feeling somewhat emotionally fragile. are they implying that i look that old that there could be no purpose served by asking me to prove that i was over 18? i mean, am i likely to just age a year or so overnight?

back to No Manifesto and thus back to HMV. i could have ordered it off of amazon, who had the disc for sale cheaper than what HMV were offering. however, as you more regular of reader knows, i quite like going into a shop i like and purchasing things on the day of release. so i didn't order online.

i was quite disappointed when i walked in to the store and the film / documentary / disc was not on proud display as part of their "trending this week" section. i got even more disappointed when it also did not feature on their presumably lesser "released this week" section. i went to look at the CDs to see if they had just shoved it in with their albums, and got really emotional when it turned out that this was not the case.

off to the basement i went, then, where they shove all the stuff they are not pushing to sell.

oh yes, as you can see above, i got it. specifically, i got the only copy that my nearest and frequently dearest branch of HMV had bothered to stock. yes, DVD. with them having just 1 (one) copy of the DVD, i did not dare to tread towards the emotional turmoil that would have been finding they had 0 (zero) copies of the blu ray.

this singular copy had just been randomly shoved on the shelf, it seems, in amongst a whole load of One Direction DVDs. i am glad to have been able to save it.

have i watched it yet? no, but i am very much looking forward to a screening of it with my (considerably) better half. hopefully soon, and no doubt a review to follow as and when we do.

finally, then, all things bed. well, not all things, just things. something. i have, as some of you know and a number appreciate, a thing, indeed proclivity, for buying lovely new bedding sets that i believe would be suitable for Barbs to have in her own home.  whilst i have managed to fight this addiction for a fair while, i saw a set at the weekend that i simply could not resist, dolls.

yes, indeed it is all lovely and fancy and bourgeois. i like to think that it projects the kind of image i want to project, even though i am far from certain as to just what that image is.

anything i add here will take away from that image, so let me call it quits for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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