Sunday, February 01, 2015


hi there

nothing in particular, really. i just have this "thing" about doing a post on the first (or second) day of each month so that one, with one being you, dear reader, may know that i am alive and active. no matter how fatal, look you see, the dose of manflu i get hit with is. still, we are here now, so i will try and make this a rather decent post for you. note, if you will, try.

first off, no trying needed, as it's a magnificent picture taken by my (considerably) better half on her travels. i nearly wrote my travels there, but deleted it just in time.

yes, impressive. mostly benefiting from the fact, i am sure you are thinking, that i did not take it. on that note, and in this sense, apologies for the presence of a higher quality picture than usual here, then.

the first thing that came to my mind, and perhaps this is just because of how i think (hence it coming to mind) when i saw it was that class first dream sequence out of An American Werewolf In London, where David Kessler is bombing through the woods, looking for a deer or stag to chow.

moving away from any sort or sense of quality and onwards to my best friends, Apple. yes, a whine, so skip this text around this picture if you don't want to read it all again.

i plugged in my ipod to update it. despite having everything to do with updates disabled, and just to be safe also ticked "download only, do not install", it decided that the crap iTunes software required an update whilst i was updating the ipod. i sat and watched and was resigned to the fact that this would see all on my ipod blanked yet again.

by good fortune and luck rather than any sort of deft skill or intelligence off of Apple, the pod was not blanked. also, however, it had not updated with what i had already added by the point that it decided to do all of this. so i needed to start all that again. annoying, to say the least. that Apple and their apologists would have you believe that simply having to redo what you were busy with is far better and an improvement on having to put everything back on the device from scratch says much of the low standard they have convinced some as being brilliant. i live for the day that some other company - a proper one that knows what its doing - comes up with a music device that has the operational ease of use and brilliant playback of the ipod classic but  without the stupid, stupid, lengthy and crap way you have to add music to it.

a look at my size thirteen footprints in the snow? sure, if you want to have a look, here you go.

that picture is from last week. although we had some immense winds and substantial snow yesterday, things looked very clear today. which was handy, as i had an unexpected trip of some urgency to the shops to make. i believe that more snow is proposed for the week ahead, so yes, get ready, there shall no doubt be further images of the stuff later this week.

why was it i was updating my ipod anyway? i mean, why not just leave it as it is? well, i have a habit of obtaining new (old) music, and i thought it might be rather nice, indeed splendid to listen to it. in this case, what i bought this time was this, (yet) another copy of it.

yeah, i purchased it completely by accident when i clicked on a link offering it for sale for £5.99 and pressing the button that said "buy it now". a rather fortuitous accident, granted, but accident all the same. honest.

with it - theoretically - on the pod of i, i believe i shall play it and present the return of my Listening To Who series from a couple of years ago. two, maybe three - feel free to search. writing of Tommy shall no doubt turn into quite a lengthy affair, so please consider thing something of a warning for when that happens.

anyway, that will do for a sort of "hello, i am still around" sort of thing. hopefully your month has got off to an ace start, be seeing you through it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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