Thursday, November 27, 2014

sending spiros stuff - preview

hi there

well, as things turned out, i will only be sending a "mega" parcel to Spiros on Saturday. this, look you see, means that he will only get it on Monday. i know many of you are excited about seeing a blog post of what i am sending him, but i am afraid i cannot spoil the surprise.

except, of course, for one exception, hence this post.

as a number of you regular readers are all too aware, Spiros really likes fuses. they are like some sort of alien technology to him, for plugs in his native land were bereft of such a thing in them. so fascinated by them, he is, that he has taken a shine to collecting them. i am perfectly happy to assist him in this regard, sending him a packet of fuses every now and then when i see some that i believe will fit in with his general, if somewhat extensive, collection.

what is it that Spiros finds so amazing about fuses? beyond, that is, their useful and practical application? to be honest, i am not sure if it is the different A numbers on them, the different colours they come in or a class combination of both of them factors. all i really am certain of is that Spiros is a mate, and so if it is fuses he wants, then he shall jolly well have fuses.

to leave fuses aside for the moment, what did i have for lunch at verk today?  Subway, thanks for asking.

so anyway, fuses. some of you might have noticed that the fuses were resting upon what looked like it was a CD. that is because they were. in the same, somewhat versatile, shop that i got the fuses off of, they had the seminal album 13 by the Blur on sale. as this features the song Tender, one of particular significance to my (considerably) better half and, well, i, i suppose, i decided to pick it up.

but i appreciate your concern is more about the fuses, so here you go, here is another look at them.

i do hope that these fuses - and the other items i shall be sending (not the 13 CD, he can f*** off if he thinks he is getting that) bring a little bit of cheer to Spiros. he is having a hell of a hard time at the moment. his Norwegian (or whatever) house boy is being rather insolent; giving him lip when he should be giving tongue and, presumably vice versa, or if you like the other way round.

to that end, this is all win, really. if Spiros likes the fuses well then that's just great. if he does not - should he feel they do not belong in his class collection - then no matter, he can just throw them at his quasi-Scandinavian houseboy in the hope that he learns some respect from the incident.

i know you are all excited about seeing what other delights are in the parcel. bear with me, dear readers, do bear with me. all shall be revealed next week.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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