Monday, November 17, 2014

Nothing has changed.

hi there

well, indeed, nothing has changed. that is the name of the new Derek Bowie compilation, released as of today, and as it happens that is the status of my David Bowie collection if one were to ask for the difference in it between yesterday and today.

i quite like, as many of you will know, Derek Bowie. i do not have some blind devotion to him, in which i claim everything he does is genius, for it has not been. mostly, however, there has been considerably more good than bad. last year's exciting surprise return was very good indeed. the two new tracks released this year, well, not so much.

i was somewhat dubious about yet another Best of Bowie being released - surely only Queen, Bryan Ferry and Rod Stewart have had more out. dubious thoughts grew when it was revealed but one of the two "new" tracks were to feature, and the tracklisting was not quite the "definitive" they promised, but a rather dull and uninspired survey of his career.

here is how HMV have promoted the release of this set today. yes, that's right, that's the 2 CD version of it stuck in the corner, below One Direction and next to Neil Diamond. not even HMV are particularly excited about this release.

if the 3CD set is dubious, the 2CD set is entirely pointless. you get the 1 (awful) new track that Derek has allowed to appear on CD on it, and then some very peculiar selections from the 3CD set. it also puts it all in chronological order, where the 3CD set seems to go backwards. an awful lot of effort for something that really only has a very impressive cover picture going for it.each to their own and all that, of course, but the tracklisting for the 2CD set does not say "buy this" at any level. if one simply wanted a greatest hits set, there are already 2 or 3 variants out there which do the job better and, i would dare say, cheaper.

but the wish to have the complete works of Derek Bowie, good and bad, saw me of course head to HMV to have a gander. and i did have a gander, i did take this picture, and i did not buy. £15 for a 3 CD set - in packaging looking little like what he has flashed on the web - that features 1 bad new song and about 5 somewhat rare versions of other tracks is not something i could on the spot justify as a purchase.

somewhat frustrating really. in a time when music seems to be of less relevance than before - refer to the debacle that is the line up for Band Aid 30 - when someone you like releases something it's rather annoying that you cannot in any way, shape or form justify showing support for music by purchasing it. i know the chap has several castles and mansions around the world that require money for maintenance, but it would be somewhat easier if he just went onto that facebook thing and asked fans to send him £15 rather than expect them to feel an obligation about purchasing this not even good enough to be classed as "this will do" compilation.

it is not like i am against the idea of throwing money at him for the same thing time and again, either, going on my iTwat or, look you see, Twat of i account.

the test of any "best of" set is "if someone you knew liked the artist and had nothing by them, would this be an ideal starting point?". the answer from Nothing Has Changed is no. any of the other Bowie best of sets would get you an answer of yes.

oh, the two new tracks? they are two songs knocking about not considered good enough to be on either (for there has been two) of the special editions of The Next Day. and it shows.

never mind, here is a calendar. well, a few, but one in particular.

it has not, oddly, been an entirely all that bad day for me and music. on the whim of nostalgia i placed an order for a best of Crowded House last week, and today was the day that it arrived.

no, i bought the Starburst separately,  lest you think predominantly New Zealand based artists have started issuing sweets what have been sung at my Michael Bolton randomly with recordings of their selected songs.

i seem to be going through a phase of wishing to listen to a lot of Split Enz and Crowded House presently, not sure why, beyond it all being good music.

Shaun and me went with my Mum & Dad to see Crowded House, in Johannesburg no less. went with my Mum & Dad. I am pretty sure Gillian went too, with one of her friends - possibly Kelly? For some reason I think Richard gave it a miss. my memories of it were just how pampered the ego of Finn the Neil is, look you see, for he staged no less that 5 - five - encores. also, someone near us bought a ticket for the gig simply to shout "you sheep shagger" in the direction of the stage for the duration of the entire gig and all of them encores i just mentioned. do what you like with your own money, i guess. 

there is every likelihood, then, that i shall be listening to the Crowded House on the bus during the week, providing i am not of a mind to read. it is unlikely that i shall be eating the Starburst that were blessed by the Michael of Bolton, however, as my (considerably) better half has taken ownership of this particular packet.

so there we have it. it does feel somewhat deflating and sad, really, to have a new Bowie release out that simply is not worth getting. i will be interested to see exactly how many copies of it he shifts, in particular the meaningless 2CD variant. well, meaningless bar the boss cover. but it is not £10 of cover boss.

if you went right ahead and bought it, enjoy!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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