Monday, November 10, 2014

beanie, chinese and valli

hi there

hope, should you be reading this as, indeed, look you see, it is written on a Monday, that your day today has gone simply groovy, and the week has begun in a most kickstarted kickin' it way. or something like that; was just trying to think of how best to start this post off.

over the weekend i did, as you are aware from discussions here, a number of things. one of the more inspired was to get a haircut. except, perhaps, this was not quite so inspired as i thought. well, it was, right up until the harshness, the snapping bitterness of the winds of the North Sea, or the Irish Sea if it comes from that way I guess, for it is only a fool who would ask me for directions, hit my now not as insulated as it used to be head.

yes, i felt quite cold. not a problem, as such or really, as i was able to go to a clothing store of some repute, or if you like reputation, and purchase a beanie for my head this very morning.

it was nice, all things considered, of the store in question to condescend to at least stock some headgear of adequate, serving its purpose quality that fits me ok. in terms of their strides and their shirts, i to them should not exist, as none of their fashionable attire fits me. hey ho. 

is me wearing this beanie evidence of me heading into the realm of being a nancy boy? very much so, according to Spiros. he used all sorts of terms to describe me when i told him i got one, terms that i would be uncomfortable sharing here. a lot of it, i am assuming, is his anger that i can freely get a haircut whenever i like and it turns out OK, where he does struggle so with the same basic thing. 

here is, if for some reason such a thing would interest you, a look at selected highlights of the rather splendid Chinese meal we had at some point over the weekend. Sunday, if i am not mistaken. 

oh yes, indeed it was lovely, if you were asking.

the title of this blog post promised Valli, and it is not for me to let you down. it is rather curious how one purchases a DVD in New Zealand, i have discovered. one spends not a single penny in doing so, they simply email a relative - a son, perhaps - in England and advise them to post it and send it to them. this, i am reliably informed, is "easier" than dealing with the stores on the southern side of the equator. quite.

this film has had some pretty good write ups, was made by Clint Eastwood, has Christopher Walken in it and is all about a really good band. i may well, then, find the time to have a look at this film myself.

so anyway, back to the beanie. i am on the lookout for yet more beanies. not that this one is not satisfactory, far from it. as mentioned before, it does indeed, more or less, serve its purpose. i do, however, want one which makes a statement.

a statement about what? i am undecided. just a statement, really. i am not sure if this one i got does or does not make a statement as such, but it will have to do for now. 

also, i think, i may well need one that is slightly more visible, as in brighter in colour, to wear during the longish nights that we have ahead of us for the next few months.

anyway, i am sure you will agree with me that this shall do for now. more as and when it happens.

thanks for stopping by and reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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