Sunday, November 09, 2014

Spiros Sunday

hi there

i hope that you are all well and have returned to some sort of calm equilibrium after the excitement of the last post i did, the one of Michael in Bolton. nothing quite so dramatic or as exciting this time, alas.

earlier on today, as opposed to later, hence me being able to share pictures, look you see, i was out shopping. it is not all that often that something catches my eye in passing, right, and that i think about it, take a step backwards, inspect and duly purchase. today such a thing happened.

yes, it is a Kiss mug, as in it is a mug that celebrates the name of the band Kiss repetitively across the face, or if you like outside, of the mug. no, alas, or indeed thankfully, their name does not feature on the inside of the mug.

for a number of you the above will serve as little beyond confirmation that Mr Simmons and Mr Stanley, and for that matter even Mr Ace when he is allowed to be in the band, will not allow a single marketing and merchandising opportunity pass. if something exists, they will be only too happy to slam their name on it and sell it to you for a, in fairness, modest fee.

a discerning few of you will, but of course, be aware of the reason for this purchase. whilst i do not mind the somewhat disposable, happy go lucky pop tunes of the band myself - their disco era is a revelation of note, for instance - Spiros is a major fan of them. i think it's fair to say that they share the same space in his heart where he keeps his feelings for the Village People, and key moments out of the career of Elton John.

this picture? yes, this is yet another example of the spew that Spiros sees on the streets of London (innit) that he feels the need to take pictures of and send to me.

as impressive as this one was, he saw a far better one today, apparently featuring a pint pot with unspecified  and stated liquids that i am not prepared to mention it in. sadly, though, he did not have his camera phone thing on him.

now that i have purchased this mug mostly as i was inspired to by having knowledge - indeed the friendship - of Spiros, i now face the dilemma of what exactly i do with the mug.

my initial thought was to just keep it here, on the off chance that he decided to come and visit me. he is, after all, in the market for a proper haircut. he has never really been able to do anything with his hair to his satisfaction, and it is unlikely that this will happen until it is done properly in Yorkshire. he also might decide that he quite likes the idea of seeing me, which is of course quite a rare thing for someone to do, but you never know. the presence of the mug featuring the name of the pop group he likes so much will serve to signal to him that he is welcome.

the problem with giving Spiros the signal that he is welcome is, of course, that he instantly takes that as a sign that he may walk around your home - and place of verk, for that matter - without his strides on. the sight of this is not quite the worst thing in the world, but it is something that gets quite tricky to explain to family, relatives and employers.

another option, then, might be to simply package it up and post it to him. this would be something of a kind gift to my chum, and one that he will appreciate. however, after paying the lowest of the prices listed here for it, i suspect the packaging alone - let alone the cost Royal Mail will prescribe as being appropriate for delivering it - will exceed the value.

yes, that's right, i blew a quid on this. the mind boggles as to how much the band get off of that in royalties, but they do seem rather keen, and indeed happy, to receive every single penny they can from their efforts. and why not, after all - what's the point in doing the vibes and that for a living if you are not going to get coins of money for doing so.

another solution might, of course, for me to simply retain it and use it for my own purposes. these are purposes, you would imagine, that involve drinking tea or coffee. i suppose i could do this and send him the occasional picture of me using it, accompanied with the odd amusing message about how doing so makes me much more of a fan than he is.

i will have a little think about what to do with this and, when i make a decision, update here. so long, of course, as it is an interesting decision, and that i remember to do so.

i trust that your weekend has been of some sort of similar level of interest to mine, or perhaps you have even had a better one, which would be just great.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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