Tuesday, November 11, 2014

on my love for London

hi there

i wasn't really planning, and neither did i expect, look you see, to do a blog post this evening, but then some stuffs turned up in the post, so i figured why not, i might as well keep the count up for the month. besides, some of you seem to like reading all of this, which is nice.

we shall get to this notion of my love for London momentarily, dear reader, but first, some more outstanding beanie action for you. 

yes, i did get a new beanie yesterday, and covered it fairly extensively in the last post. some might say exhaustingly too, i suppose, but that's a matter of opinion.

here is my other beanie, one that i ordered off of the nets of inters at the weekend when i clocked my fancy new haircut was going to leave me cold.

what sort of beanie is it? it has some name like "thermoman nuclear 40 grammes" or something on it. quite smart it is too, as this picture comes very close to nearly showing.

it is about twice the thickness of the one i got yesterday, and seems to double up that all important heat factor. i have no quarrel or issue with the one i got yesterday. far from it, for it has done a good job over the last two days, and will continue to do so at times when i am not wearing this fine one that you can see here. it's just that someone went to the trouble of posting this to me, granted after i had paid them coins of money to do so, and so i feel obliged to wear this one for a bit.

Spiros, a man that it is notoriously difficult to impress and seldom worth the effort when you do, is not at all impressed with the fact that i now have two decent beanies, and a smart haircut beneath them. he has taken to calling me a "total gayer", which i think he means as an insult but coming from him is actually quite a badge of honour.

speaking of Spiros, London, and my apparent love for the place. i am reliably informed that a few weeks ago i expressed some comments - sentiments, perhaps - that indicated that i was pro-London, and was speaking of the place in a positive light.

i do not recall the incident off hand, but i presume that it did indeed happen, as someone was inspired enough by it to post me this most splendid journal and pen set. curiously, as it turns out, not from London. 

there are many aesthetic values, two in particular, that i like and indeed appreciate in this gift. foremost, of course, i love the idea of a journal and a pen anyway, and i really love the fact that i got any sort of gift, let alone a most splendid as one as this. very kind and heartily appreciated. but you want my aesthetics.

the most obvious is, of course, the presence of Tottenham Court Road on it. if you are very much a fellow fan of An American Werewolf In London, then i need not say more. 

the second is that the name Bond Street features. if you look at it from a certain angle, it looks rather like it says Bono Street, which is all the more smart. as and when he dies, they will probably look to name a street after him, and as it would be very, very straightforward to change Bond to Bono, that is probably what they will do. i have no idea who or what Bond Street as it is known is named after, but whoever or whatever it is was undoubtedly lesser to Bono. anyone currently on Bond Street that objects to the name change can just move, i suppose.

i will probably, over the next few days, take a marker pen to the cover of this book and change Bond to Bono anyway, in advance of this happening. whilst i am on the go i might as well alter my map book too, i suppose.

another look at that new beanie of mine, the one that causes Spiros to be so jealous and upset? i don't see why not.

no, this is not the beanie i spoke of that makes a statement. i am still looking for one that does. i am pretty sure that the one with a statement on that i want to project will just have "rave" written on it in big massive letters.

in the mean time, in my imagination this one is a bit like the one that Bennett wore at the start of Commando when he *spoiler alert* pretended to get blown up in that boat. he was wearing a rather smart jacket too; this was, as those who fondly recall the film shall be aware, before he started wearing all them chain-mail vest things.

Bennett out of Commando was, as i have no doubt mentioned on this blog before, totally awesome. there has never been a singularly more accidentally homoerotic bad guy in any film ever. sure, Kilmer was close in that Top Gun stuff, but he wasn't really such a bad guy and he didn't wear any chain-mail vests; certainly not in the much cherished volleyball scene.

that Vernon Wells got to be both Wez out of Mad Max 2 and Bennett out of Commando means that he is probably the most amazing dude on the planet, man. if me wearing this beanie is interpreted as a bit of a tribute to him, well then so much the better. Vernon Wells is all the world needs to stop being such dicks about Australia.

meanwhile, Star Wars. as this will be the 7th film "proper", since fan boys shall no doubt get all frothy and Australian if you suggested that either Caravan Of Courage, Clone Wars or that other film they did with the Ewoks in were "proper" films, i have decided to pay tribute to it with the only other series of films that i can remember getting to film number 7.

yes, at the time i did it i had forgotten about James Bond and that Land Before Time thing, but never mind, i think my idea for a title works. Luke could be seen as a sort of Commandant Lassard type of character, i suppose. and Han could be Tackleberry, with Chewbacca as that big black dude who was almost as high as a tower, the name of whom escapes me for the moment. and Leia or C3PO as the Guttenberg character, i guess.

anyway, that will do for now. more, of course, as and when it happens. and time permits posting.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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