Sunday, November 02, 2014

big t!t and @r$e diamond

hi there

well, then, what better way to end off a Sunday than by lowering the tone here by some considerable margin? yes, look you see, two images of interest.

first off, here's some of the search terms used to bring random strangers the way of this blog.

this whole artificial intelligence / algorithm enthusiasm that google has on the go is going a bit too far, maybe. i am not saying it isn't true, but i suspect that whoever googled or otherwise did one of them search things for "big t!t selfies" and ended up here looking at the numerous pictures i have taken of your humble narrator was possibly rather disappointed.

or maybe not. perhaps i am indeed known in the more social corridors of the web as "that great big t!t" and he was delighted to find my blog by searching for exactly that.

moving on, or in a sense down, i purchased several items today. one of them was a "family fun" pack of toilet paper, or whatever the posh word is for it. i was somewhat impressed with the slogan on it.

my (considerably) better half informs me that the above is a quote off of one of them documentaries they do on the tele and that, a bit like that one i saw about Michael Bolton making fruit grow. apparently, and post-Savile this is somewhat impressive that they got away with it, the makers of Andrex have gone around asking kids what they think of when using their, as it were, product, and have used the answers in advertising.

i am not 100% sure or clued up on how all that trades description act stuff goes, but i suspect that suggesting one's behind is diamond-like after using toilet paper on it might be testing the patience of the boundaries of that particular act. that said, i am rather looking forward to testing the sentiment and no, alas, i will not be sharing my findings here with you.

right, that will do. i am too tired to write much else.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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