Tuesday, November 25, 2014

on falling out with HMV

hi there

so, i think, alas, HMV and i are finished. a parting of the ways seems to be in order. there goes yet another part of the life i knew. no matter.

quite sad and pathetic really - them, for sure, but perhaps me too, look you see, for clinging on and trying to support them. what's gone on? well, read on.

today in the window they had a reasonably ace special advertised. observe.

your attention should be on the DVD of the rather splendid film Guardians Of The Galaxy. £7.99 for it when one buys the rather boss soundtrack - which as of last week they had for £5.99? that sounded boss, that did. so off i went at lunch time to pick up both.

the really sad thing is that i was expecting this before i even set foot in the store. can you guess? yeah, that's right, HMV had gone right ahead and put some rather crude new price stickers on the soundtrack CD, increasing the price of it to £7.99.

so the idea that HMV have of a good deal is to take £2.00 off of the price of something if you buy it with an item that they have just bunged £2.00 on to the price of. do they think all of their customers are stupid?

this is at best a really stupid promo idea; at worst an attempt to deliberately trick people into believing they are getting a deal and in all likelihood spend more than they intended. at either end of that spectrum, and any other reason in between, i cannot help but feel nauseous at the idea of offering any further support or business to my beloved HMV anymore.

amazon, for the record, will deliver both the DVD and the soundtrack CD to you for £1.00 less than the HMV "deal". if HMV's "deal" had at least matched that, this post would not be happening.

anyway, that will do for now, kids.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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