Monday, November 24, 2014

deflector shield

hi there

a rare treat for us this evening. well, a rare treat for my (considerably) better half. more of an education for her, i suppose, look you see. for me this is all part and parcel of my life.

yes, i think you know what i am talking about; we had devonshire scones with cornish clotted cream on them. as is befitting the life of us English.

i of course take these as a given in life. they are part of my heritage, my traditions if you like, and they are the very thing that make us English great and the envy of the world. this is not so much the case for my (considerably) better half, who of course was brought up on the peasant Afrikaans version, which in many ways explains her uncouth and rather trashy ways.

no devonshire scones and cornish clotted cream for her. no, for her it was a world of lower class nelspruit scones and potchefstroom cream. ghastly stuff.

you are welcome to admire all of that above if you want, but i suspect some of you want to see the deflector shield that the title of this post promises. well, here you go then.

this is another of them non-booze version of the AA things. apparently this works to keep the frost off of (most of) your car window. quite handy, i suppose, with the somewhat substantial levels of frost which graces cars on a morning at the moment.

does it work? my (considerably) better half said that for the most part yes. it does not keep the ice or frost away completely from the window, but does leave it in something of a better state than if the deflector shield had not been present.

is that info of any use to you? probably something that you could work out for yourself, to be honest, but if this has reaffirmed some ideas you have had, well, so much the better.

if you are wondering, yes indeed i have commenced purchasing things for a "mega parcel" for Spiros. it will be a week or so before i can update here, as i will only finish it and get to post it at the weekend. but it will be worth the wait.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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