Saturday, November 01, 2014

the return of the assassin glasses

hello there

i woke up this morning, later than i intended but that is not the point so please don't concentrate on it or allow it to be any sort of distraction for you, of a mind to put my other glasses, or if you will spectacles look you see, on for a change. so i did.

yes indeed, these are my celebrated SEX PANTHER ones, the ones that do all that going darker in the sun and that. quite smart they are, even if they were purchased only as an afterthought, or part of some deal with them Ray Bans ones that i would usually have on.

the most peculiar element of this is, perhaps or indeed arguably, that they are going darker today. it is, unless my calendar is very much mistaken, the first day of November today. it is not only bright on account of it being sunny, it is also a mildly warm, splendid day. somewhat out of character with what one would expect for England at this time, indeed.

i suppose it makes some sort of sense me putting these on in November, really. i mean, if i did do any sort of assassination work, the kind that i would not be of a mind to discuss here but stop short of any sort of denial, i would imagine that i would carry it out during the thirty days that November offers up to us.

another picture of me in my assassin glasses? sure, why not. 

is this a sign of the quality of posts you can expect here for the rest of the month? i would truly and sincerely hope no, they will get better. if you read them, then we shall find out together.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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