Saturday, November 01, 2014

Rik Mayall upside down and talking all funny

hi there

this post is pretty much what the title says, look you see.

all of this stuff came to me upside down, which was interesting to say the least. it, as far as i am aware, came from one of them Apple devices, so presumably because Apple says it is better that way then lots of people will assume this is the case.

blogger disagrees somewhat, as it has taken the time to put the videos the right way around, but first here's one of the upside down pictures what i got.

yeah, i could have "flipped" it so it was the right way around, but then i would have had even less to write about all of this than i presently do.

here's one of the videos that played upside down for me, but is the right way around for you.

what is all of this? well, it's Rik Mayall in something or other, but dubbed into some sort of other language than what Rik usually performed in.

they who sent me this thought that not all too many people out there would have an interest in this. here, then, is that Kim Yong Something off of the naughty Korea, apparently in some sort of orphanage or similar.

yes, i think the point of this is what's going on in the background, but please, you go right ahead and enjoy whatever element of this image that you wish to.

another upside down image of Rik, as he appears on television shows in other countries where they have gone right ahead and dubbed him? sure.

and yes, there is one more video, which came to me and played upside down, but Blogger has put the right way around, etc.

and there is not a great deal else i can say about this, to be honest. enjoy.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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