Wednesday, November 05, 2014

obligatory guy fawkes thing

hi there

well, i tend to remember, remember the 5th November for slightly different reasons than standard, but never mind. as there is, alas, no chance of doing that every year on this particular date, it was time to go right ahead and do what lots and lots of others were doing, look you see.

what? well that whole fireworks, bonfire, Guy Fawkes thing. here, you want to see some fireworks, not read this, so here's the best picture i could take with my blueberry and that.

quite impressive, i hope it seems even if that cannot really be seen in the quality of this picture. it was all very impressive, all that we saw of it. what was, as it happens, somewhere less than five minutes proper.

it was a bit further away than i thought it was to get to, you see, and in retrospect it was ill advised of me to consider walking to the display to be the best way of going about it. this retrospective thought happened in real time, some thirty minutes into the forty or so it ended up taking us to get there.

hey ho, it was an amazing adventure for William and i to walk through the cold air, along cobbled roads and muddy fields to get to it all. he was quite impressed with the big massive bonfire.

a bonfire that was big, massive and not featured here. sorry about that, i felt it best to hold on to him near it rather than risk taking pictures. you know what a huge fire looks like anyway.

here, have some more firework pictures. 

quite the trooper William is. me, personally, am totally knacked after the walk there and back, coming as it did on top of a day at verk, but it doesn't matter. he wanted to go, and as we can, we did, and he loved it.

we did, at the least, get to see most of the display as we walked up. very impressive it was, but i think i have hammered that point once or twice already here. he is fast asleep now, which is little surprise. given the chance he would do it all again tomorrow. i, however, probably would not. 

did i manage to do a video, you are wondering?why of course i did. here, fill your boots, watch away.

and go on then, one more picture of the fireworks for your entertainment. 

anyway, more of the same next year i suppose.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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