Saturday, November 29, 2014


hi there

well, i had at hand a few more coins than usual whilst out and about doing some post-black friday, or if you like perfectly normal, shopping today. usually this would mean either the boys or my (considerably) better half, look you see, would score a nice treat. instead, though, i opted to get myself a minor, inexpensive shiny thing. shiny things make everything all better.

look, behold and admire

yes. Star Wars stationery, now all of course emblazoned with the Disney logo. well, ok, yes i know this is not as exciting as the Star Wars : Mission To Moscow trailer, but as everyone else has already posted that on the internet i thought i would not bother.

are them stormtroopers out of Star Wars a favourite of mine? not particularly, but all of this does look rather smart. i am of course hoping that Disney in their wisdom start plastering Boba Fett over stuff, but this shall most decidedly do for now.

yeah, that is one of them 3D cover things on the notebook. smart, it is.

anyway, that will do for now. should i commit any further bourgeois crimes of indulgence, i shall most assuredly consider posting them here.

yes, the Spiros parcel is on the way to Spiros. more on that when he gets it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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