Saturday, November 15, 2014

back to storage

hello there

well, in following the commitment of my last post, i did a few things of mild interest today, look you see. of interest, or at least the thing that i took some pictures of, was heading up to storage for a top level, super duper mission at the behest of young William.

i had not been up for a while, so i figured it did no harm to go and check. William had not been up at all, as it happens, so it seemed like a fair enough thing to take him to see where the bulk of our estate presently resides. close to a year without it, now - there is a case to suggest we probably, then, don't actually need much of what is in there, but there it is.

it was most splendid to have young William come up with me. firstly, it let him see stuffs that he is familiar with but has not seen for a while remains perfectly fine and safe, just being looked after until space allows us to put it out. i think this put his mind at rest. secondly, of course, it was very nice to be not doing something all alone for a change. aah.

we asked James if he wished to come along. he, in his wisdom, elected not to go. the weather here momentarily is what one would call inclement, if that means bad. quite a bit of all that mist and/or fog stuff on the go. staying at home seemed a much better idea. that it was, but it was not a luxury i had open to me as a particular choice, so motivated was William.
James, i think, is learning the benefit of having people go and do thing. it is a rather Barbara Streisand approach to take to things, but why not try and emulate her lifestyle once in a while.

i am pretty sure that James had every confidence that if we found something of interest there, we would bring it home with us or simply tell him all about it as he stayed home warm.

we did actually find something of interest, as in we found what we went looking for reasonably early into our journey. it took opening a mere 2 or 3 boxes up to find what William had been so excited about finding all week, his Captain America shield.

weirdly, co-incidentally or perhaps even consequentially, we got around to watching Captain America - The Winter Soldier today. bloody good it was, too. when i keep seeing adverts and things for all of these Avengers films it feels like they have overcooked it, that it has exceeded saturation point, and they are killing it all of. but then that one we watched today made me remember that Iron Man 3 was also very boss. it was only really that second Thor film that was, like, totes boring, dude. i suppose we shall have to have a look see at this Guardians Of The Galaxy thing too, i think the disc is out towards the end of this calendar month.

oh yes, the shield.

strangely enough we found not one, not three, but two of them. so yes, we brought both home with us, just to be safe. them and a bag full of selected toys. selected, of course, as in my class Bane one is here too, which there are some pics of around the blog from whenever that Batman film was released. and yeah we did find a few things of interest for James too.

a very successful trip, then, and one that was in many respects the pinnacle or if you like highlight of the day. he is thrilled to have the shield back in his hands, and off he has gone to battle agent orange, or whoever the baddie is in all of them. that one that wears the helmet, i think.

hope you have had or are presently having a smart weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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