Saturday, November 29, 2014

nintendo a go go

hello there

about a year or so ago - might be close to two, look you see - i got one of them nintendo ds thingies that you play the games and that on. it has, just as pretty much everything does these days, a camera on it. two, as point of fact, i believe.

it is a camera i have never bothered with, but i was aware of the fact that the boys liked messing around with it. i had not had a look at their efforts before, since it needed something called an SD card reader to get them off of the nintendo and onto a computer. as the pound shop happened to be selling such a thing, for a price i cannot recall at the moment, i decided to have a gander at the pictures they have taken.

here, then, for your entertainment are some of the pictures they have taken. be warned, for it seems that the nintendo offers some sort of picture editing stuff on it.

so, for your viewing pleasure, here we go with one of me seemingly staring at something rather intently, or however one would say it so it sounds fancy.

a most impressive bit of editing that is by the boys! my attention, as i would suspect is the case for you, is drawn to the smart t-shirt i had on in that picture. it features some sort of afrikaans slogan. i do not recall what exactly, but it is not one that troubled me - it just happened to be a big, baggy t-shirt and i couldn't care less what it said on it.

but enough of me, for now at the least. you are all probably much more interested in seeing the aspects of my family that you like more than me, which is reasonable.

the means by which nintendo made their money, of course, was via some sort of avant garde, renegade italian plumber. as if there were any other sort of plumber, you might say. kindly, the nintendo thingie allows one to beautify a picture of a person to make them seem as if they were that plumber, mario. this is something that William discovered.

very smart, that one is! let me have a fiddle with this machine, actually, see if i can do one of me like that. no, not right now, i am busy writing this.

on the subject of mario, one of the things that i was looking forward to playing on this nintendo was Donkey Kong. it seems, alas, that one cannot get the old fashioned version of it for the machine. a great shame. well, you can, so long as you are prepared to do all sorts of dodgy things to your device. i am not really of a mind to do such things.

any images of my (considerably) better half? why, of course, with James lurking around.

quite a bit freaky voodoo sort of thing, that one is. sort of, at the least. i think that one is a "mirror" effect, or something like that. another one i might play around with myself, should i remember and be able to work out the controls.

does the nintendo do normal pictures? yes, it does. all of these have been, and then altered on the device. but i alluded to that. oh, i see, you were asking if i was going to post any unaltered images here. well, sure, why not. here's William going for the close up and, in an interesting reversal of the last picture, my (considerably) better half lurking. 

well, ok, partially interesting that she is doing that. she does an awful lot of lurking, you know.

i am sure you have noticed that the quality of pictures off of the nintendo is serviceable, but not all that spectacular. a bit like the ones i take off of my blueberry or iTwat from time to time, i suppose. the answer to this, dear reader, is of course that if you want to have decent pictures, buy a proper camera.

but let's put mumbles and grumbles aside and look at some more pictures that have been artistically altered. like, as it happens, this smart one of James. 

excellent work, son! he really is quite the master with this thing. he's just about pretty amazing with all he turns his mind to, as his most recent school report indicates.

another one of me to finish off?  why not, as it can be one that you can make all sorts of "double trouble" comments in relation to, should you have absolutely nothing else better to do right now.

no, i am not sure why i was pulling my best "Paulie out of GoodFellas" face of displeasure there, but there you go, i was and somewhat obviously did.

it has been quite a delight to discover several (hundred) pictures that i had not seen before. i trust that one or two of you have liked them just as much!

right, time to go and watch some repeats of classic 80s TV game shows.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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