Sunday, February 16, 2014

it's friday fire time once again

hello there sweetie darling poodles

well, a look at the alignment of the stars and the circular ways of the moon mean that it is very much Sunday, thus it is very much time for me "share it friday fire" thing.

for those of you who don't know, this is something i do without fail every friday, except for when i forget, when i cannot be bothered or when i do it on a day that is not friday. it is intended as a reply, or if you like retort, to Duran Duran's "share it friday" thing over on facebook.

but you don't want words and explanations; you people want fire so here is fire.

a beauty, i trust and indeed have the earnest hope that you agree. quite a ferocious one it is too, belting out a fair amount of heat. and light, if we switched the lights off.

Duran Duran caused insane controversy not so long ago when the kid that does internets and that for them just posted a link to a youtube video for their share it friday thing. it infuriated many dozens of the two million or so followers they have; some of them even going so far to turn to Spandau Ballet for a picture after they had recovered from feinting and a dizzy spell. the fans, not Spandau Ballet.

this week they semi-recovered. this week they shared an advert for the VHS and Betamax video cassette of Dancing On The Valentine, a promotional feature which features some of their music. it also shows off what normal, unassuming down to earth blokes they really are, sitting in the back of a limo, sipping martinis whilst threatening to pull out of a gig if their class water special effect is not set up properly. or that might have been in the Sing Blue Silver video.

the promoting of Dancing On The Valentine was obviously a bit of a plug, if not crass commercialism, cashing in on the otherwise sacred and respected day of St Valentine. it would be interesting to learn just how many videotapes they sold as a consequence of distributing the advert to their many followers.

video? video. here, for those of you who do not have a fire blazing away in their home but for some reason believe a four second video will deliver the same kind of feeling and sense, here you go.

and for you safety enthusiasts, here you go, this one is for you. this next picture is of the fire, but with the fire guard in place.

right, that's it for share it friday fire until next friday, or just whenever it is that i remember to do this.

hope you have all enjoyed it, and do feel free to share this with two million people!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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