Saturday, February 01, 2014

Friday Fire returns

hi there

yes, i know that this is being written on a Saturday, but these are pictures of a fire i did on Friday. it was just that i didn't get around to doing a blog post yesterday, see, so here it is today. if you are all that bothered about it being Friday Fire on a Saturday, then rather come back in six or so days and read it next Friday.

as the more ardent reader may recall, i postulated not so long ago on rivaling Duran Duran's "Share It Friday" nonsense over on Facebook with my own thing to share on a Friday. basically an image or two of a fire, if i did one on that day. and remembered to take pics and put them here. this i did, so here you go!

yes indeed, the above picture, and for that matter all pictures which follow, were taken on my iTwat with the Commodore 64 mode thing on. i thought i had better use it whilst i can, since Apple are apparently considering getting rid of iPods for some reason.

if Apple do that, well, no doubt they will be expecting everyone to put their iPods in the bin and purchase other products from them. i won't be on either front. the iPod is the only decent product they make, and even then they make it tough to use (i have just had to update it and iTwat again, apparently to allow those all important Korean subtitles to work); i'll be damned if i am going to own any of their lesser, sh!t products that do what they want, not what i want.

so here's another picture whilst one can still use it!

and, of course, a video for your pleasure. i think that Duran Duran offer some sort of "share it day" for videos, but not on a Friday. might be Thursday or Tuesday now that i think on; no doubt it whatever day the work experience kid that Simes and Nick and John hire to do facebook remembers when to do it.

oh yeah, here's the video.

just a few seconds of it burning away for your entertainment. i am not 100% sure these videos play back all that well, but if it plays enough to give you an idea of how class the fire is, then the video has done the job!

to make up for the fact that some Fridays will see me forget to upload a Friday Fire picture here is another one for your entertainment, pleasure or whatever it is you do with them.

and to make sure that this post isn't either a total waste of time or indeed a complete waste of time, here we go with some non-fire pictures for you!

as i have relatively more access to mirrors than i have at any other point in my life i thought i would use some (one) of them to give you an old-school type selfie picture. or two. actually two.

here we go with one of them, one that it seems both apple and blogger agreed to allow me to rotate and post exactly the way around that i wanted to. hurrah, yay technology.

that looks like one of them shadowy ones taken with a satellite or something that you would see in 80s spy movies, that one does. quite smart that it does, i think.

on the off chance that apple and blogger would not allow me to rotate that picture to look the way it does above, i took one the other way around anyway, so here you go with it.

the best thing about Commodore 64 mode for these pictures is that it does not, to my eyes, show off just how much more prominent the grey is in my hair. i am, like we all are, getting older, dear reader, and time - even though scientifically it does not exist - is taking its toll on me. especially over the last month really, cannot think why.

enough of me, you say. well, you probably said that a while ago, and are saying it now as a reminder. here, then, to please you, are my (considerably) better half and young William. they are indeed messing about with something rather sharp.

scissors, i think, or maybe a knife. cutting that stringy-like string stuff that unites sausages in the packet, as far as i am aware, is what they were doing.

since i was in the kitchen with the iTwat device i figured i might do well to take a few more pictures for you. here's a good one.

yep, that's Kung Po cooking sauce. ace it was - lovely sweet taste, but with a hefty hot after-kick to it. awesome stuff.

next to that saucy sauce are indeed some fish fingers, and next to that is indeed a rather conventional, rudimentary if you like, iron. the three were not combined in any meaningful manner during the evening, if you are or were wondering. they just happened to be together.

not together was the Kung Po sauce and my (considerably) better half, but if fixed that by picking one of them up and holding it next to the other for the purposes of a picture. as, if you look at it below, you can see.

lovely, lovely, lovely stuff, and indeed as per my earlier comments the sauce was class too.

and that's about that for another random, not as exciting as it could be blog post. i will try to do more interesting ones once again, but in the mean time i do suggest you flick through previous postings when i did really excellent ones!

thanks for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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