Tuesday, February 11, 2014

so. snow.

hi there

i have, believe it or not, got a fair number of blog posts lined up for you all, dear and patient readers. there's a Warren Beatty related one (sort of), a vibes in car one and probably another. i just have not had the time to do them, sorry!

i did have every intention of doing at least one of them this evening, but nature conspired to make a different post more pressing. a number of friends, many if not all of the family and indeed passing strangers have been awaiting the moment that came today. what moment? i think you can guess from the title of the post, really.

for some of us, the arrival of snow is more of an "oh dear" affair. as fun as it can be, the stuff makes for cold and difficult getting about. for those who have never, ever experienced the stuff, however, it's just fun and the most amazing thing ever.

as, indeed, you can see in this picture of reaction!

yes, seeing and feeling snow for the first time is quite a thing! well, proper, "real" snow at the least. a couple of years ago there was the briefest of appearances of the stuff in, of all places, Johannesburg, but not quite like what you get here.

to people who have never experienced snow it all looks amazing. in Game Of Thrones, for instance, snow is no barrier at all to people going around having sex with random objects and twatting people in the head with pointed sticks. in the mega film The Thing being surrounded by snow did not in any way trouble Snake Plissken from battering aliens. in other words, snow to those who have not lived in it seems to be part of the background, a factor that does not stop one from doing normal, day to day things with pointed sticks or similar.

the reality is quite different, of course. it can be treacherous if not deadly, in particular the "black ice" it leaves on the ground. this is stuff i might well have to face tomorrow when i go off to a super duper, splendid orgy sort of thing arranged by my mate Bamber in honour of my return home and in honour, of, well, does one really need to have a reason for an orgy?

for now, though, the doom, the gloom, the moans and the groans about life with snow can be left to one side and i invite you to join me in looking at the wonder and amazement of my beloved family as they see and feel the stuff for the first time.

oh yes, indeed i did do one of them video things for you. actually two.

but to go back to the moaning for a bit, here's the car (that i didn't get to write a full thing on here as yet as such) withstanding the light layer of snow that's fallen. and was indeed falling as i took the picture. but not falling in the sense of the Twin Peaks theme as such. although i am pretty sure snow featured in that a reasonable amount. the series, not the theme.

and yes, for the viewing pleasure of those who wish to draw pleasure from it (yes, hello dear friends and family in SA wrestling with a heat wave right now), here's a video of the scene you see above.

the snow fell around about the time the boys were due to head to bed. i would not, however, have forgiven myself, ever, if i had not alerted them to the fact that it was, for them at last, snowing. this led to a wish and desire for them to go outside to taste and feel it. we were, my (considerably) better half and i, reluctant and hesitant at first, but every now and then you just have to say "oh, what the hell" and just go with it all. roll with it, what have you. or carefully walk about a bit in it to see what it's all about.

and that's that. for a weather report, earlier it snowed on and off a couple of hours ago. it seems to be in a lengthy "stop" phase and i would expect all that fell tonight to have melted by the morning. by all accounts next week will see a good deal more of the stuff come our way. yay.

ahead of me, as suggested in certain comments above, are a few busy days. forgive me then if i get a bit too busy, or simply end up entirely shagged out, to do an update or two for a few days. i will get down, get with it and get posting as soon as i can!

for those really, really, really looking forward to seeing and hearing of my reunion with snow, and the more popular members than i of my family getting to have a gander for the first time, i can only hope i have done this the proper and correct justice!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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