Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ace Lager - come worship at this altar

Hi there

i was browsing around that E-Bay (ebay?) thing and discovered that this gem of an item is on sale. no, nothing to do with me, i am not selling that or anything on there. well, not selling yet as such - regular readers will recall the disaster that happened when i tried to sell authentic Yureshan Cooper business cards on the website with zero success. perhaps my fault for trying to sell to the USA when the UK market was more likely to be interested, but hey ho, live and learn.

anyway, this can of Ace Lager is sold on the premise that it is one of, if not the, only can of the stuff left. £20.00 seems to be the starting price for it. is it worth that? no idea, really. there are many people around the world who collect rare and unusual ales, and this is, or rather was, one of the more famous ones. 

or, if you like, infamous. i believe the brewers took the decision to stop making it partially on the association of the lager with the celebrated 8 Ace character in Viz. every edition saw 8 trying to obtain £1.49 in order to buy 8 cans of the stuff. as far as i know, it was never available for that low a price - perhaps the comic strip was set in the 80s or something.

it was, however, a cheap lager. not quite as cheap, though, as the supermarket own brand ones you can get these days - for roughly the actual cost of 8 cans of Ace you could probably get an entire trolley full of Tesco's own brand stuff. 

well, best of luck to the seller, and happy days for the buyer. at 20 years old i am hoping they are purchasing to display and not to drink!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE : this item has, i believe, been withdrawn from sale. why? because that ebay thing, quite possibly quite rightly, has a rule in place against selling things what have alcohol in them. so sorry, this post was a bit of a waste of your time.
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