Sunday, February 16, 2014

valentine drizzle drivel

hi there

my feeling is, honestly, that i have done the whole Valentine's Day thing here. in January, if you consult the relevant posts. having already lavished my (considerably) better half with gifts of ironing boards and vacuum cleaners, there was not all that much else i could do for her in regards of some sort of obligatory expression of love.

well, that's not true. i could have, after all, walked her through the howling winds and driving rains, as it were, to go for a parmo and a pint. so i did.

yes, these will be pictures of my (considerably) better half and i walking around in the rain, with the better one being in, or if you like "photo bombing" my usual selfies. well, it was Valentine's, reason enough to let her be in them.

this was, believe it or not, the first time we had been out on our own on an evening since we had the chance to go and see The Dark Knight Rises at the pictures. that remains the last time, to date, that we have been to a movie together, by the way.  on that occasion the boys stayed with Grandma.

where were they this time? at home, with Aunty Susan, who had kindly agreed to come on over and keep an eye on them. they boys entertained Aunty with a display of them Harry Potter films, a sequence of films which they have recently discovered and taken quite a shine to.

shine as in they quite like drawing them lightning scars on their heads and claiming to be that little fella who is in the Harry Potter films, although i am sorry the name of the character escapes me for the moment. Daniel, maybe. or Sirius.

i only ever watched the one what had Ian Brown and Gary "Gaz" Oldman in it, sorry, i have limited knowledge of the films. i think they are about trains, though, as every time i check in on them watching it they seem to be on a train or at a train station. no idea how they have milked that to eight films, but well done to them.

anyway, backwards and onwards to pictures of my (considerably) better half and i wandering around in the wind and the rain, howling and driving as per the earlier observation (no change). here is another picture, then, at a location that will be familiar to some of you.

quite a few of you, i appreciate, like seeing my (considerably) better half. a number of our mutual friends, and indeed friends exclusive to her good self, also find great amusement in seeing images of her getting on in the cold and rain that she now finds to be a regular part of her circumstance. i trust those that i speak of find these images, then, most agreeable.

under my rain jacket i was wearing my rather snazzy, dazzling perhaps even Lambretta shirt. yep, them that make the scooters. yep, i did buy it purely for that reason. i thought it would give me a sort of feel of mods, The Who and, for you more recent and with-it pop-pickers, Ocean Colour Scene. indeed it does do this and i love it. which is why i kept it guarded against the rain. sorry, will do a few pics the next time i wear it.

one more picture of us in the wind and the rain? sure, in front of a business premises that i would argue that many, many of you fortunate people will recognize as being an ace place.

how was the dinner? amazing, to be honest. i would have loved, and indeed had requests to, have taken a few pictures for you all. however, as i have observed along the way, doing random pictures here seems to be quite frowned upon. and anyway, i was out with my (considerably) better half, or "me bird" in Mod speak; not a time to be messing with phones, cameras and the like.

we had parmos. ace, sensational parmos. if you have no idea what a parmo is, be off to google with you, or better still head this way and try them. there was also Guinness and a pint of something that was not the Boddingtons i hoped for but was fine all the same, Worthingtons Smooth i think it might have been.

and yes, a wonderful, romantic walk back in the wilds of the weather made for a perfect evening. there, i said it. soft silly romantic me.

yes, oh yes indeed i did take a picture of the boys in Commodore 64 mode. with scan lines on.

it seems to hide the scar that that one character has in them Harry Potter train films, but still Commdore 64 mode pictures remain ace. is it that he got the scar on a train or something? i will have to have a watch of the films i suppose, or maybe have a look, see if someone did a book version of them.

for those of you who read my shampoo story, here's a bonus picture if you were hoping for more of the same. it is the other side of my head from what i showed a picture of before. i think, at least. i can't remember which pic i uploaded and it was too much effort to check.

this picture, then, when looked at in conjunction with the other, should give you a fair idea of if that 89p shampoo (or perhaps it was 81p now that i think) does indeed provide balance to my hair. except that it does not show the top, middle or back. but balance is all about picking sides, isn't it?

overall, a pleasant, happy and - yeah, OK - loving Valentine Day thing. lots of people get all uppity and lippy about Valentine's Day, saying it is not a proper day and all that. sometimes you should just go with it, though. especially when you get ironing boards and vacuum cleaners out of it.

this is probably the final word on Valentine's Day for this year, then. no, not that sentence, but this front page of the Sunday Sport newspaper today.

well, when i say newspaper, you know what i mean. although it is quite a professional approach and nice touch that they have opted to protect the identity of the pig.

that will do, off to read more of that news article. although i suspect just about all of the story is right there in that headline.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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