Friday, February 21, 2014

go cape town, go.

hey there

this, ladies, gentlemen and google enthusiasts, is what a lot of people seem to believe is the new "logo" for the City of Cape Town. reports indicate that it cost something around ₤17,000 to "design" and create. that's rather cheap, really, as some companies, cities and indeed governments have been known to spend in excess of ₤300,000 on logos more basic, more (believe it or not) crap and far quicker to design. 

quite spectacular, this. i think that's supposed to be Table Mountain repeated around and around, although it looks like someone "photoshopped" the logo off that Top Gear show and introduced the amazing MS Paint to the mix. Table Mountain is a good thing to use to represent Cape Town; in my experience many people theoretically working in the city spend many hours a day gazing at it, on the off chance that it moves or something, instead of working. well, who would want to miss that if it happened? 

the colour scheme selected for this is a really, really nice touch. merry, even. or perhaps gay. the colours almost, more or less, reflect the colours of the "gay flag", as recently used by Google in a somewhat trivial, hollow and risk-free gesture surrounding some sort of games going on in Russia and the fact that Russian politicians do not like gay people. Cape Town, as my mate Spiros would rush to tell you, is widely regarded as the gay capital of Africa. if only the rest of Africa could take a taste of Cape Town's tolerance, no embracing celebration, of letting people live and do what they dig, maybe perhaps the continent could move on a bit. 

sadly, the "gay effect" attempted is undermined by the gaudy, drab and dull fading of the colours, with the whole thing - in particular the stark, harsh nature of the text - look rather more like a relic from the former, gladly long since gone apartheid era. 

people of places near Cape Town but consider themselves far removed from it - Hout Bay, for instance, or maybe even Stellenbosch - will be mostly delighted that this badge, logo or whatever it is relates only to Cape Town and not the Western Cape as a whole. 

in recent times, as reflected in the exchange rate, people of Cape Town - Capetonians, if you like - have taken to smearing themselves in their own sh!t in protest over trivial things like a lack of service delivery from the municipality, roads, electricity and other elements of infrastructure falling apart, no jobs being created and jobs being lost. this magnificent gesture of a new logo will no doubt see an end to these protests, with everything all of a sudden being beautiful with a great new logo.

good, fantastic, amazing work, everyone involved in this. looking forward to seeing the flag that goes with it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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