Thursday, February 06, 2014

a-ha, that makes sense now.

hi there

i noted, with some passing interest, this news story. for those of you not prepared to click on the link, for whatever reason, and because i don't really have any pretty pictures to go with the story for you, here's a screenshot of the story it leads to.

yes, that's right what you read there. if your reaction to that is similar to mine, well, perhaps indeed we are indeed being a touch judgemental, perhaps slightly racist and almost certainly xenophobic when we jump to a conclusion that a diploma in beauty therapy is not, perhaps, the single most desired qualification one should look for when looking to give meaningful employment to someone in a job that is called "finance administrator". let us be damned for our thinking, i say. we are all doomed anyway, so let us be plain in thought and deed along the way.

i noticed this because it does have some bearing on a current predicament of mine. behold, if you will, and you might as well since you have got this far, an image of a transaction on my account.

that is a debit on my account for my TV licence. a fee that goes towards paying for beauty school drop outs to "administer finance" i guess, as well as pay for the many dazzling and excellent TV shows they presumably screen. pretty standard, you would think.

except, of course, for the fact that i, electronically and in a proper letter, cancelled this a mere three months ago. perhaps the cancellation has not got quite as conventionally as i had anticipated because the holder of a beauty therapy diploma received it, looked at it, tinted it, trimmed it and filed it.

i am pretty sure i have a scanned copy of the cancellation documents somewhere. i will find them, send them on again, see what happens. in the original letter i am pretty sure i went with the "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Sir / Madam" approach to it all. perhaps when i resend it if i use something along the lines of "Dear f*****g retards" they may appreciate that it is intended for them and something, as point of fact, they are expected to deal with.

i am beginning to understand, appreciate and indeed respect why it is that so very, very, very few people wave money at the SABC. hey ho.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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