Monday, February 03, 2014

Harrison, hotel and bed

hi there

a reasonably exciting and exotic day today, so i thought i would take some pictures and post them here. not so much as you do, but indeed as i do. that and the child of the condiment phoenix has conversed with me about one of the things on this blog post. i promised, of sorts, a picture of it, so a picture will feature.

first, then, in trying to keep with the order of the title, some Harrison. as in Ford, and not any other sort of Harrison. i am sure there are many - i think maybe there's even a car or kitchen utensil manufacturer of the name - but no, the Ford one. actually, it's Ford that there's a car maker of, isn't it. would be class if they made a Ford Harrison, would it not?

in looking for some entertainment to have around the house, on the off chance we end up snowed in or something, i stumbled upon a 3 disc collection of Mr Ford for the princely sum of 1p over on that amazon marketplace thing. well, 1p plus ₤1.26 postage, which still works out at a rather modest price.

if one accepts that all things are relative, it is a set of three relatively decent Harrison (the actor not the car or spatula) films too. although i have some friends who will say everything with him in is decent (hello, Maria). here, have a look-see, here's the box.

of the three films included Witness is of course a masterpiece, Clear And Present Danger is rather good but is not remembered fondly as it wasn't Patriot Games and K-19 is a fond reminder of the days when the exceptionally modest talents of Kathryn Bigelow produced critically slammed but rather enjoyable films, rather than recently when she turned her hand at one particular awful, horrid, rubbish film that not even Guy Pearce could save that for some reason won awards.

all three shall be getting a watch, mark my word, and i might not even wait to see if we are snowed in before i put them on.

yes, i appreciate that in the above picture there's something of some interest to some, but more on that later. i just thought for some reason you might want to see the actual discs. and by you, i mean of course the "kids" of today, the one that do all them download things instead of buying an actual product.

moving on then, and the realm of the hotel. i was browsing through a newspaper over the weekend and hit a section offering all sorts of adverts for holiday destinations. amongst all the places advertised, the chance of a stay in Manchester drew my attention to the greater extent.

i know you will want to see the advert, so i did the best i could with the blueberry to take a picture. a bit blurry, i know, but it says it is for the Britannia Hotel.

the main selling point for the hotel, as far as the advert is concerned, is that they have a swimming pool (indoor) and a car park. that really would not be the appeal for me in regards of a two day stay there, though.

other than having a, for the want of a better word, friend in Manchester who i would like to be in the presence of whilst i abuse instead of just doing it all in messages (face to face insults are just so much more meaningful, i have other things that i wish to do in that fine city. like hopefully bump into Bez or Mani walking the streets, or even Shaun Ryder for that matter. i would also like to purchase a copy of that fine album The Stone Roses on vinyl in Manchester, and yes of course get my picture taken near Salford Lads Club.

so for ₤35 i may well respond to this advert and head that way.

when will i go? not sure. there are a number of random dates on the advert, dates which may well relate to when this offer is available. for all i know it is cheaper on all other dates, and the ones listed reflect a time when you have to pay more.

i shall have to chat to my friend Spiros about the matter. he does spend a good deal of time in hotels, but tends to use ones that boast of saunas rather than pools, and indeed cater to a mostly if not all male client base too.

onwards we go then, but first to act as a little pause for us all a picture i took on a walk this afternoon.

and what a pleasant walk it was, is and always has been. i trust that it will be always too, so long as i can indeed keep walking.

anyway, here is some bedding that arrived today.

yes, that is indeed the bedding set visible to you, dear reader, when we were discussing a variation on Harrison earlier. and yes indeed, you see right, that is a double bed bedding set featuring Star Wars. as in it is not for the beds of either of the boys (i purchased a set for single beds earlier), it is in fact a class bedding set for my bed. well, the bed of myself and my (considerably) better half i suppose, although obviously, so close to Valentines Day and that, i would like to keep the bed and this class Star Wars set all to myself.

the packaging made some sort of reference towards washing it before use, but i paid my money for it and thus i will do whatever i like with it. and what i wished to do, of course, was install it on my (our, then) bed as soon as possible.

which i did.

yes, it is magnificent, isn't it? the biggest selling factor was that Boba Fett is on it, but the price of around ₤20 or so for it also helped persuade me that this was a wise investment. 

the Barbs bedding, dear frequent and regular reader, is not gone and not forgotten. i believe right now it is in the custody of a container, awaiting the all clear to take to the seas. as is the case with my boots, soon the Barbs bedding will face the treachery of the oceans, fighting to be reunited with me as it faces trial by shark, trial by waves and of course trial by pirates. should the intrepid bedding survive that journey, it could well be the case that it is even more excellent than it presently is, but for now this Star Wars bedding is my favourite. 

in answer to that "how old are you" question one or two of you will have looking at my ace Star Wars bedding (hello, Dad), yes i believe i am indeed 40, at least for another two weeks or so. if you consider yourself too old for Star Wars you are basically saying "i am miserable, i lost my sense of escapist adventure and wonder some time ago".

speaking of time, i have not noticed a clock, but looking at the bedding i am feeling somewhat lethargic and in need or rest, the rest one can only get by being in bed. by being in bed and not sleeping as such, but just being there, going "look how class this bedding is", with particular emphasis on Boba Fett.

as my (considerably) better half likes that little green one with the funny ears, Toyota or something, what a happy bonus that he/she/it features on the bedding. something for her to sit and look at, respect and admire i suppose. i note that Princess Leia or Chewy didn't make it. never mind, means i just have to find another set i guess.

righty-ho, more sooner or later. see some of you in Manchester, i guess, assuming i can be motivated enough to get out of this bed and take advantage of the pricing at present.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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