Sunday, February 23, 2014

five o'clock friday fire time

hello there

well, it's Sunday (as far as i can see), which means it is time for the usual Friday Fire share it thingie, a response to Duran Duran's sharing stuff on facebook (see previous posts).

this week saw Duran Duran post one of them arty-farty black and white type pictures of them, featuring all five original members of the band, with upwards of 40% of them playing pocket billiards as the picture was taken.

no such muck or art here, ladies and gents, just a heat generating fire for your viewing pleasure.

that is indeed, you may have noted, a different angle from usual. i thought i would make it a touch more relaxed and refined for you, lest anyone get bored with me posting images of fire here.

for those of you who quite like the more face on, ferocious fire, no of course i have not forgotten about you. not at all, here you go.

yes, look at it blaze. i did think, for a moment, that the blueberry phone might have melted as i took that one. so i trust that you appreciated the slight lack of sacrifice, since it did not melt.

now then. when Duran Duran want to show you a video they just bung a link to the first thing they find on youtube that might have something to do with them. i take a different approach, as regular readers will be aware.

here is a video for you, on this very site and of relevance to fire.

some of you, i appreciate, like the fact that i risk melting my phone to get these pictures and videos. some of you, i appreciate, think that i should be more concerned with safety around fire.

for you, then, here is a picture of the fire, surrounded as far as it can be by the fire guard.

and that's your lot for this Friday fire share thing. indeed, that is your lot for blog posts today - three this fine Sunday, i believe, more than i have been managing in a week!

hope you have enjoyed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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