Friday, February 21, 2014

further hair

hello there

and, following on from yesterday, something of a parental triumph, or if you like a parental breakthrough. my (considerably) better half and i, through conversation, explanation and outright bribery were able to convince, persuade or if you like coerce William into going for a haircut today!

it did take upwards of an hour of sensitive, private discussions, but we got there!

yes, that is indeed him eating an ice cream, a "99" no less. from Suggitts, of course, for why would one wish to eat ice cream from anywhere else in the world? i mean, sure, people who cannot with ease get there have a valid excuse for eating a different type, but surely with each lick they lament and regret that it is not one from Suggitt's.

and yes, it is indeed "winterish" here still, hence his jacket and class hat. there was wind of a cold nature, and rain of a drizzle and wet nature. this did not stop his enthusiasm or wish for ice cream, not in any way, shape or form.

me? no. i don't particularly care for ice cream at the best of times. it tends, dear reader, since you asked, to give me one of those instant "brain freeze" headaches, so i generally avoid it for most of the time. should the weather be of such a ferocious affront that only an ice cream could fight it i would have one, but the weather of today was distinctly not of such a nature.

the ice cream was, as it happens, a mere percentage of the deal which William bargained in exchange for agreeing to have a haircut. he also scored a new Scooby Doo comic, one featuring as a gift a rather class looking 'Alien Blaster' device, designed for blasting aliens. or rather, blasting people who own disused fairgrounds, carnivals and camping sites who dress as aliens in order to scare away nearby residents, who would have got away with it were it not for those meddling kids.

i also had to give assurances that his hair would be cut in accordance with the way that Fred (or whichever one out of Scooby Doo that he likes) would have it done, and indeed it would be cut under the same broad, perhaps basic, principles by which hair is cut within the dimension that Ben 10 lives in.

how does his hair look, you might ask, since i have only shown pictures of him in a hat. a brilliant Turtles of the Ninja and Mutant kind, of course, but a hat all the same. and hats do not usually allow one to see a hairstyle with much clarity. so here you go.

smart job! and a haircut along the lines of the Boro lad "doyanoworrameanlike" one James (and i) had yesterday, although perhaps not as pronounced or immediate in appearance. the Batman jumper, i think, serves to accentuate the haircut rather well indeed.

no, i am not sure how one is supposed to write of haircuts, but the above is my best go. it's the kind of way i imagine that they do write of them in those fancy magazines with fancy ladies on the cover. not those magazines, of course, the other ones.

another picture? what, you want one featuring me too? OK.

no, i did not have another haircut whilst there, i merely sat and read the paper as William got his done. you people need not leave your computers to get a newspaper to get the latest news, by the way, you can simply click here and read away. yes, plugging my own gear.

that is, to award if not reward credit to the observers, indeed my (considerably) better half in the background there, working away. no she has not gone for a hair dresser type of appointment. if she does, i am pretty sure she can go all on her own, right, and probably not need to be persuaded or bribed to do it.

and go on then, another picture.

and that's probably all of that in regards of haircuts and the like for a while. i think, at the least. there is only so many times, after all, one needs to get their hair done. i am not, and i respect you don't need me to point this out, Bryan Ferry or Midge Ure or similar, i do not need a new hairstyle on all that frequent a basis.

other, non-haircut related posts to come soon, or eventually!

oh, my (considerably) better half has told me that her preferred postie has just walked by. i have to go and hide in the kitchen, then, because if he sees me he does not stop to knock on the door to say hello. bye.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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