Thursday, February 27, 2014

thursday's friday fire

hey there

well, what can i say. it's Thursday, which must mean it is time for the usual, standard, when i can remember to do it Friday fire thing.

you don't wish to read my words, so let me not trouble you with them any further. here you go, a picture of a lovely, lovely fire on the go.

splendid, that is. smashing, as Jim Bowen might even say.

paradoxically, if that's the right word, my old friends Duran Duran, who seem to be throwing a paywall thingie up in the direction of their site, decided to show off this picture for their "throwback Thursday" thing; something not to be confused with their "share it Friday" nonsense.

yes, that's John Taylor, looking all cold and stylish in the snow when he could be sat in one of at least two Limos, one truck thing or a plane. i bet at least one of the Limos was full of groupies, too. the other was probably just for Simon and thus would have been full of seamen.

if for some reason you were, by the way, wondering what happens when you try and do an old school style selfie in a mirror with a flash on, this is my experience of it.

and no, video enthusiasts, i have not forgotten about you. here is the usual, standard video of the friday fire thing for your entertainment. if you can hear music on this, well, as the child of the condiment phoenix will tell you, it is the music of Harry Nilsson.

that, by the way ladies and gentlemen, is Yorkshire wood bought form the Yorkshire Trading Store burning there. none of your fancy, poncy, designer southern muck for me, my friends.

and that's that for now! cheers for reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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