Thursday, February 20, 2014


hey there

first off, many thanks for the messages of support, concern and indeed along the lines of "nice one" in response to my last blog post. no, i am not feeling down and out - i kind of wrote all of that to avoid feeling that way, really. spell it all out into the universe so it's out of my system and in the realm where others who may find themselves in similar strange ways might find it good to know that they are not alone. keep on being excellent, all you crazy beautiful people i am lucky to know.

onwards, then, to the day today. i decided, in my limited wisdom, that today was the day the boys and i would experience what is known generally as a northern hemisphere haircut. you hardly need me to tell you, for recent pictures do that, that my beard had got to "hey, let's shoot him, dump him in an ocean and taunt Donald Trump about it after we get Dave from England to watch the video with us" length, so you know it was trim time. the boys could do with some neatness to, so off we went.

except we didn't. William interpreted "get dressed so we can have a stroll, get a haircut and buy some sweets" as "curl up on the couch and watch Batman". as he does, often. but James and i went.


very smart, i think! well, i suspect you will agree at the least that James is, there is only so much improvement a haircut can do for me i suppose.

proper and true Boro lad haircuts, these are. nowarraimeanlike. perfect and indeed very much in time for Saturday, really.

a happy accident of the several (hundred) selfies i took showing off me new hair do was a picture of your humble narrator that i actually rather like! here it is, see if you like it too. probably no more or no less than the others i inflict on the more dedicated reader, i guess.

so, despite being mostly silent for over ten years, David Bowie should "shut up" about Scottish independence, seeing as he was born in London and lives outside of the UK. i will agree with that as soon as those who tell Derek to shut up extend the same comment to London born Rod "lad" Stewart and Sean "slap her" Connery, the latter living outside of the UK. i for one cannot quite work out why Derek's views are slammed but Rodders and Sean are welcome.

indeed that is a pink Ben Sherman shirt i am wearing. it's the kind of one i imagine members of The Who, possibly The Kinks and most certainly Ocean Colour Scene wear as they ride around on mopeds, doing class Mod things and no doubt having loads and loads of sex, only not making a film of it showing how they are dead good at that and haircuts.

yeah, i should probably be making some sort of comment or self-review of my haircut, but instead here is a picture of me holding up some washing up liquid that has lemon in it.

class, that will be. and not, alas, Fairy Liquid. i think me and Fairy Liquid are going to have a falling out unless they seriously up their lemon content like Persil have. things with lemon in it are ace, no matter what the makers of Timotei think. Timotei have decided that it is more ace to shove green tea into shampoo than lemon. i am not buying Timotei.

as for William, well, i suppose he could do with a haircut at some stage, but it's not like his hair is all that bad right now. as the below kind of shows off.

i don't think, to be honest, that i have ever had quite a "Boro lad" feeling haircut in my life. i've gone for longish, flat top or shaved for the most part. the lady that did my hair has done a sterling job, really, ridding me of a generous amount of the grey hair and making me look almost decent, or as decent as one can make me look.

it was my intention in the "mirror selfie" i took to show off as much of the haircut as i could, but i don't think it worked all that well. that's the best reason i have, really, for posting this next picture, showing off my new haircut at a slightly different angle.

quite a decent price for the job, too. as in James and i paid less than half what my chum Spiros was quoted in Chelmsford,  Covent Gardens or wherever he is in Laandahn (innit) for doing his hair a mere two weeks after he booked an appointment. we just sort of walked in and had it done; Yorkshire is like that. not the delays and planning nonsense you get down south. it would probably work out better, in terms of time and cost, for Spiros to get a bus here, get his hair done and get the bus back, to be honest. except here i don't think that they would give him the "special male attention" he is more than prepared to pay a bit extra for.

another look at my new haircut and streamlined, adapted for speed beard? sure.

and that's that for now. more soon, i hope! yes, i know a certain event came and went this week, and i indeed have a stack of pictures from it, will post all of that soon!

remember, if you see Derek - tell him to shut up.

and use things what has lemon in them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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