Saturday, February 22, 2014


hello again

further today, with apologies to those wishing for a look back at some birthday things!

William is, frankly, far too young to expose to the theatrics of Middlesbrough Football Club. his mind is far to inquisitive, too, and i would have absolutely no answer for him as to why it would be wise to spend money on watching them not score instead of investing the coins in some class Ben 10 or Turtles, of the Mutated Ninja-like Teenage variety, toys instead.  

his mummy, my (considerably) better half, is just plain far too wise to fall for that "come to the match, we will win, honest" line. she is quite clever and that, really, which makes it all the more surprising that she married who she did.

the two of them, then, waved James and i off. they instead stayed at home and constructed this 

oh yes, it is what you think. it is a monster, carved from the finest green and purple mirror paper known to man, beautified with partially glittered pom poms. it's excellent that is.

the wobbly, googly eye things are also a nice touch!

it seems that the two of them had as much fun as we did, only they didn't spend 90 or so minutes watching people not score goals, instead just checking for updates every now and then.

other people dear to me also did things that did not involve throwing money at Middlesbrough in the hope that they had clocked what this football business is all about. my mate Jonathan, for instance, took and sent me a picture from Belgium. or Berlin. or wherever it is he lives these days, somewhere that i am almost certain begins with a B. or has a "b" in it somewhere. probably.

nice one mate, i very much look forward to going there with you one fine day!

right, my back is really sore! enough for now, more later, rather than earlier.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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