Thursday, July 19, 2012

on a plane

hi there

well, thanks to Bruno and Jelena, we have a couple of pictures of the boys enjoying their entry into the world of flying!

we were rather worried as to how the boys would take to being on an aeroplane, but as it turned out both thought it was the most amazing thing ever. both were exceptionally well behaved, with the exception of neither of them at first having any interest in sleeping!

well, that lasted on the first flight to Dubai really - by the time we flew from Dubai to Newcastle they had exhausted themselves and slept on most of that one!

these are on the last flight out of Dubai, where as you can see William had got himself to sleep, but James was having too much fun with all the videos and games!

a very big part of why the boys were so well behaved on the plane, and loved it so much, is because of the outstanding, best i have ever seen service provided by Emirates. i believe they have been awarded "airline of the year" seven times in a row or something? to be honest, if that is true then rather just give them the award for life. a touch of a rant coming up......

of all the options we had to get to England, Emirates got us to where we wanted to be for the best price. you cannot, however, put a value on just how good they are. whereas Virgin are OK, you get the feeling that the likes of SAA and British Airways really loathe and detest the idea of having passengers, and that they believe somehow they are doing you a very great favour in accepting large amounts of money to let you on their craft.

not so Emirates. even though we were in economy, we got nothing but the best service, comfortable seats (a bonus with my larger than average size) and just an all around amazing experience. it may take slightly longer to get where you are going via Dubai, but so what? stopping off in Dubai for a few hours either way was an excellent experience - that Dubai airport is fast, efficient, friendly and a sheer wonder to see and walk around. what people think the likes of Heathrow and JFK airports are, Dubai actually is.

the best way i can sum it up is that if for some reason i had to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town, i would look in to doing it via Dubai with Emirates. 20 hours or so with them will, frankly, be better than 2 hours with another airline.

Bruno and Jelena are two of the stewards / flight attendants / whatever the term is these days who looked after us, which included taking these pictures of the boys. William even (sort of) woke up for one of them!

on that note, a bit more praise for them - Emirates really, really like families being on board. other than preparing special, excellent and very tasty meals for children, they also overloaded them with all sorts of toys and things to do. believe me - if you are a family travelling anywhere in the world, look no further than Emirates to get you there!

right, let me have a look at what i took with the blueberry and see if there's anything worth posting here! other than that, if there is such a thing as normal service, then normal service shall resume with this blog!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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