Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fixing things with Grandad

hi there

Grandad, as regular readers and indeed relatives will be all too aware, has a pretty interesting track record of seeing his grandchildren as excellent candidates for manual labour. usually, in his brief, skimpy defence, he waits until they are at least 2 before he has them hauling stuff around, but in the case of Ruby-Lee he would appear to have made an exception!

despite the fact that Ruby-Lee has barely mastered the art of walking, Grandad seems to have taken to her being his chief assistant (i.e. labourer) for the time being, getting her to help with whatever odd jobs it strikes him as a good idea to do.

here are the two of them attacking an unspecified wood construction with screwdrivers for no, thus far, given reason.

the more observant of you will have no doubt noticed that his ace Ernest Hemmingway beard is on the go once more. you may have further noted that whereas Grandad is wearing gloves, Ruby-Lee has no such similar protection. i guess he trusts her deft skill with a screwdriver!

Ruby-Lee, despite her young age, is obviously rather good with things that need a screwdriver to fix. i am guessing or assuming this from the fact that Grandad sought her help with sorting out a washing machine too!

the fact that Grandad let Ruby-Lee run around with a set of sharp edged screwdrivers isn't really the surprise here. the unusual part of this is that Grandad had bothered to disconnect the machine from any sort of electricity supply before allowing her to shove screwdrivers into it!

the most surprising thing overall, however, of Grandad's apporach to deploying his grandchildren as manual labour is that thus far not one of them has had even a minor injury whilst helping him do whatever it is that keeps him busy. and please do take note of the "thus far" element of that statement. however, with Ruby-Lee being somewhat younger than is usual to get meaningful employment from Grandad, Lyla was taking no chances with the safety of her younger sister and thus dressed as to be ready to step in and help!

the mind boggles at just what it is that Grandad will think of for his grandchildren to help him with next! i am not going to be surprised at all as to what he thinks of to build or fix next time around!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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