Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tatty Slapper

hi there

we met all sorts of interesting and wonderful people at Heaton Park on Sunday 1 July. the thing that they have in common is that they were all wonderful, friendly, welcoming and glad to be there together sharing a moment in history. i tried to take pictures of a few of them.

one person i did not get a picture of was Mr Rave. he had clearly decided that The Stone Roses was the place to try this ecstasy business, and spent the entire day and night raving away doing some fancy moves, irrespective of who was on the stage. nice one man, get down on it.

one person that Michele managed to get a picture of is a lady that she, John and Lisa call Tatty Slapper, but i just call Victoria. here is most of her.

why do i call her Victoria? well, as that is the name she has tattooed across her arse i would imagine that this is her name. this was, so to speak, revealed to me when she bent over in front of me and requested that i remove her tights. well, they'd got a bit torn you see, so she wanted them off. this request and indeed the sequence of events impressed me a very great deal, which is why i shall only call her Victoria and always hold the memory of her dear. somewhat less impressed were Michele, John and Lisa, which is why they call her Tatty Slapper.

i should point out at this stage that Tatty Slapper is a phrase invented by John Payne, a self anointed king of lexicon, and it is in no way a pleasant or positive thing to call someone. i am truly sorry that they were not as impressed with her as i was.

i am also truly sorry that i gave what remained of Victoria's tights to John for safe keeping. in retrospect i was at fault in this regard, but i was looking forward to taking them home with me as a personal memento and indeed for certain private use things. John had what he felt to be an even better idea and simply threw them into the crowd. he does not get as sentimental about such things, it seems.

i hope that she enjoyed the gig as much as the rest of us!

more later!! well, more of The Stone Roses later and not, alas, Victoria!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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