Tuesday, July 31, 2012

goodbye South Fork

no, not that South Fork. as far as i am aware the revamped Dallas is still going strong over in the States and i am sure the rest of the world will get to see it. eventually. it is the other South Fork we said goodbye to recently, as in my parents, or if you will our family, home.

friends and family reading this will be aware that it's off to pastures new for my Mum and Dad. a consequence of that would be a requirement to sell the house, which they have indeed done. after my Dad, of course, with his usual grace, patience and unassuming ways, had "selected" the correct Estate Agent. it was time for us, or rather perhaps the grandchildren, to have a last mooch around, then.

William took quite a shine to doing this, and so off he went exploring with Grandad and Lyla.

the above, by the way, represents the only picture i got of Dad on our last visit to South Fork. he, for reasons best known to himself, thought it better to spend the afternoon electrocuting himself fiddling with some probably perfectly functional light fittings without feeling a need to switch off the electricity first. it's the sort of thing that keeps him amused, or if you prefer out of the way, so it's usually best not to interfere or get involved.

away from the pizzazz and glamour of self-inflicted electrocution, James and William decided that the most class thing they could do with their last visit to South Fork was, predictably but all the same enjoyably, to stage a most excellent light saber and sword battle!

James was wearing his most excellent new Batman shirt as you can see, purchased from that most excellent of excellent stores that is Tesco.

the two of them went wild, as you can imagine, for that is what they have done on pretty much all of their visits!

somehow, and this was a bonus, they managed to avoid either damaging themselves, each other or the house too!

it is perhaps to state the obvious that the boys shall miss South Fork, as indeed shall we all. James and indeed to an extent William understand, though, that sometimes people move and other families get to enjoy the house. they both have wonderful memories of the place, though, and sometimes that's enough.

should for some reason, or by chance, the new owners of South Fork happen to read this, we all wish you many years of happiness and fun in your new home. we can only trust that it provides you with as many years of pleasure, peace and comfort that it did us!

well, there you have it. i did, if i am honest, imagine getting a slightly wider variety of images for this post, but as it turned out all the boys wanted to do was run around with swords and similar! that is their way, i suppose!

if you are looking for them, no, the red shoes were not in this post.........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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