Friday, July 06, 2012

another set of Heaton Park pictures? sure!

hi there

just the one subject in regards of posts for July from me, then! i promise not all of them shall be Stone Roses related! this will perhaps be the last for a while, anyway!

Tesco finally condescended to develop my pictures, and as i have just got the sensational scanner from the sensational Harlo Gang up and running, here are a few more photographs for you! taken with a proper camera, too, as far as disposable cameras are proper!

to start with, then, here's a couple of excellent pictures of the four of us, being Lisa, John, your humble narrator and the magnificent Michele, that a lad kindly took for us. i think they either knew John from somewhere, or soon did. John is Mr Social, after all, and makes friends everywhere with the ease i can only dream of.

erm, apologies for the "streak" in the pictures. it seems the Harlo scanner, sensational as it is, is not without faults. sorry, i only noticed it after i had done a few, others i have tried to scan around the streak in, as it were!

back to the subject of friends, we were chatting to someone who was rather good friends with Bez. well, everyone in Manchester seems to know Bez, but this fella was a little bit different - apparently there's some sort of documentary of him (will have to find that) and a good chunk of it was filmed in his house! not sure if he crops up in any of these pictures, but if he does well so much the better!

here's the other picture of the four of us, and my apologies to Lisa who seems to have got the brunt of the smudge streak on the scanner!

many thanks indeed, forever, for the lad that took those pictures. two images of a wonderful day that, i imagine, all four of us shall cherish and look back on fondly until the last star falls from the sky.

onward then to some "action" shots for you. now i did warn you that i was not going to be one of those types that stands at gigs with their hand held up taking pictures for most of it, so do not expect too many. i took what i think is just enough for the memories, the rest of it shall live on in my mind for a good deal of time.

here, mostly for the benefit of my cousins Andrew and Christopher (and possibly Elizabeth and Robert if they are down on the beatbox sound), is Mr Plan B giving it loads in that direction.

i have since gone and bought his Strickland Banks album since the gig, by the way. yeah, he was that good and impressive. well, i think he lost a bit of the audience (as in most of it) when he started doing some sort of rap about them Transformers toys, but for the most part the lad has some very cool tunes and a bangin' groove.

as for this next picture, i am not 100% sure really. going on the congregation in it, i suspect this is within moments of The Stone Roses taking to the stage, thus the song playing would be Stone Love. i must track down that tune.

yeah, i may well have taken the one above only to capture an image of the class Reni hat that lad has on with the ace badge of The Who on it! Reni hats were everywhere, as i think you can see!

and on to a couple of The Stone Roses, if you please. i am pretty sure the one below is showing you Mr Ian Brown on the big screens!

nice one man! for decades from here on out, no doubt people will debate which night was the best to be there. i would imagine Friday would have been something - new Primal Scream bass player on show is nothing compared to the fact that apparently they did a new tune too! reviews all seem to suggest that the best performance by The Stone Roses was the Sunday that we went to, but such things really do not matter - to be able to say you were at Heaton Park shall be a matter of pride for all of us for the rest of time.

last picture, and if i am not mistaken that is a shot of Reni on the big screen for you!

i have a few more pictures - alas unclear ones - of The Wailers and the magnificent Justice Tonight band. i shall no doubt scan them eventually, but for now that would do i imagine!

what can i say but yet again what an amazing, fantastic time we had! i found myself, to take from Talking Heads, with a beautiful wife, with beautiful friends in a beautiful park filled with beautiful people who were mostly beautiful people from Manchester, listening to the most beautiful, amazing music to be recorded in my lifetime. a lucky life i have had.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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