Sunday, July 15, 2012

Un Lens Du Trevor

hi there

my apologies in advance for the quasi-French title for this post. my cousin Christopher, you see, went on what can only be described as a very interesting school trip to France recently. as a consequence of this, he has taken quite a shine to the lexicon of Lille, not to mention obtained an intimate insight into the workings of the Parisian constabulary and indeed made several connections inside the French cheap water market. hopefully, then, the title shall allow young Christopher to remember those exotic times.

these pictures, then, are the promised start of some more images from England, but with a twist. these ones come directly from the camera of Uncle Trevor! many thanks indeed for sending them on, Trev!

first off, here we are with Great Grandma H, getting ready to walk across the wonders of Suggits field.

Suggits field provides a pleasant a walk as you could ever wish for, really. well, when it is mostly dry at the least. we had a bit of rain whilst in England, it is fair to say, and often the field was far too damp, or if you will boggy, to walk on. this means that we couldn't cross it as often as the boys would have perhaps liked, but never mind, there will always be another trip.

Suggits field also provided James with the chance to try and catch a sheep, as i think i posted earlier. exactly what he would have done if he had caught one depends entirely on just what exactly his Uncle Grant has been telling him from New Zealand, but that is something of a moot point (not to mention legally dubious) as James didn't quite get his hands on one. he did, however, manage to obtain some wool!

one of the many things waiting for the rambler across Suggits field is of course Suggits Ices, home to the finest ice creams that you could ever wish to taste, dear reader. that said, their range would appear to have got a good deal more diverse from my days of youth, as Trevor requested that i go in and order him a "69". at less than a pound in cost this would have represented an interesting and exciting twist to our holiday, but as it turned out Trevor wanted a "99", that being the ice cream that has a flake shoved in it. oh well.

Trevor got rather friendly with a gent outside Suggits, on that note, and persuaded him to take a picture of us all. splendid!

many thanks indeed to the gent who snapped away for us, you got a fantastic picture!

when not walking across Suggits field, the boys took great delight in playing with Ruby. she took a great shine to both of them, especially as they were very keen to run about with her!

and, to show that you really can every now and then have the best of both worlds, here's Ruby on a walk with us, sat by the waterfall across from where Suggits is!

as you can tell from the change of clothes this is from a different day, a day when it seems we actually got a bit of sun to enjoy! i gather the English summer is going to be defined by rain this year - oh dear for the Olympics and that!

here's me and the boys with Ruby at the very same waterfall, trying to hold on to William before he goes off to try and chase a duck around!

William and James both loved the fact that they could walk and run around in Suggits field as much as they liked, really. we shall have to try and find a similar place to visit that does not involved double figure hours of flying, although i doubt we shall find somewhere with such a magnificent ice cream shop located near it!

back to the day before, if you will, and one of those attempts to get a family picture of the four of us. as you can see, Trevor almost got it - we are kind of all facing the same way, at the least!

for good measure, here is one that Trevor got of young William, clearly deep in thought and wondering what he is going to do next. it shall no doubt involve running!

i am not quite sure what that is that he has in his hands, to be honest! oh yes i am, it's a class train that sings that he had to play with at Great Grandma!

almost finally, then, a picture of us at the airport, getting ready to head home. or, at the least in my case, the odd scenario of me leaving home to go home!

someone whose opinion i value and respect once suggested, flatteringly, that i look like a "slightly chubby Bono". i am not sure on the slightly part, and Bono seldom has half his shirt hanging out, but the above picture does look a little bit like the cover off that U2 album that Beautiful Day was on. All That You Can't Leave Behind, i think it was?

we had a wonderful time, and it was very sad to be leaving, but also good to get home. and that's not to say there are no further pictures to post - i have oodles, i just need to get breakfast at some point!

for a final picture for this post, well, i could not do this and not include a great one of the artist who took most of what you see above, Uncle Trevor! here he is with the boys!

it was great to see that they all took to and love Uncle Trevor just as much as everyone else in the known universe does!

right, many more England pictures soon, but for now toast and coffee are calling me, and i intend to answer their call!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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